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Finding Custom Personalized Calligraphy Gifts Online

It's not easy to find custom personalized calligraphy online. Yes, there are many wedding calligraphers. But there aren't those who will do a custom, personalized calligraphy poem or text using your own words and a background of your choice!

Don't you love being able to shop from the comfort of your own home on your computer? It's definitely one of the benefits of the technology available nowadays. You're saving the environment by not wasting gas. And you can compare the skill level and offerings of many scribes from the comfort of your own home! 

Welcome to Visitors From Around The World

I routinely create calligraphy art for people world-wide- as long as they speak english. (Actually, I speak a little Spanish and can probably work in Espanol tambien).

Soldier-overseas-ordering calligraphy online

I have had online orders from our soldiers stationed all over the world to send to their loved ones back in the US. I've written many anniversary gifts and love letters from service members. The nice thing is that they get to see the finished calligraphy before it gets shipped stateside to their loved ones. 

Shipping Calligraphy

I can happily report that shipping all over the world is best handled with the USPS- United States Postal Service. Their prices are the lowest. And honestly, they don't screw up the package any more or less than the more expensive shipping services such as FED Ex or UPS!

No Need For Phoning

My custom calligraphy services are unique online because I can personalize your calligraphy text AND use your own digital photographs. And you can have your calligraphy art piece printed on a variety of surfaces so you don't even have to take it to a framer later when you receive it! In fact, the entire project can be done online without even needing a phone call. (but we can schedule a call if you feel more comfortable)

Personal poem written in caligraphy ordered online
religious text written in calligraphy with photo of woman seeing a cross in the sky

Your Photo With Calligraphy

I have come across wonderful sites that have free spectacular photographs to combine with your own photographs. Leaving the background white looks unfinished. Using Photoshop I layer your photograph and superimposed on a beautiful background of your choice. Most of the finished art pieces you see in my gallery and examples can be reused in your custom calligraphy gift. Or we can create a totally new design even if you don't have a photo you like. 

Removing Unsightly Background Images in Your Photograph

Even though we're not working in person, I keep in touch with you finalizing details about your custom calligraphy. You may not notice items in photographs you send me, but I do. If a garbage can has photobombed your picture I will remove it! That has actually happened in a photograph that was sent to me for a memorial. The woman was standing in her kitchen cooking and right behind her was an overflowing garbage can! I had to chuckle, and I took it out. 

No Worries Ordering Online from Beautiful Calligraphy

delighted customer opening online calligraphy gift

First of all it is my mission and delight to create a calligraphy art piece with your poem, marriage proposal, wedding vows or any other text you desire. I will keep in touch and show you the first view and ask for your changes. Your online calligraphy is not ordered until you are 100% happy with the design.

But that's just the beginning. You don't have to worry at all about the calligraphy getting damaged in the mail. It is 100% guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition or it gets redone and reshipping with no cost to you. The only thing I ask is for you to check to make sure the text is all correct when I send you the final view before it's printed. (It's really hard to proof-read your own work, so I ask you for help checking it!)

Framed and Printed - Ready To Hang

Another great aspect of ordering your calligraphy online is that you can choose from amazing surfaces that don't need additional framing! There are so many many options now (see examples at the bottom of the page). They are ready to hang right out of the box, instead of having to take your calligraphy art piece to a framer and spend more on the framing than on the calligraphy!

That sure makes ordering for the upcoming holidays a breeze- no fighting crowds at the stores 

In A Rush: Order Online!

Special rush is also sometimes available. I do get really busy for the Christmas holidays and other occasions such as Mother's and Father's Day. And remember, it's not just me who has to rush- it's the printer and the shipping and that adds additional cost that is better to avoid. So it's best to plan ahead whenever possible. 

If you have any questions, just write and I'll get back to you generally the same day! (check you spam box) I'm looking forward to collaborating with you!

Framing a Poem

Before you have even ordered your calligraphy online you can pick a stylish type of print and framing. I have some wonderful alternative to traditional framing that will come ready to hang, right out of the box!

One of the nice things is that your calligraphy poem will be clearly visible without glass separating you from the artwork. And you know that having to go the framer just means more time and effort for you!  Having your calligraphy poem custom framed can end up costing more than having the artwork done!

watercolor heart with BeautifulCalligraphy logo saying Make Life Beautiful by Lianda
thin wrap glossy framed print
metal print frame built in stand
calligraphy can be printed on wood