Couple's Traditional-first-year anniversary mattiage vows in calligraphy -in front of Niagara falls background

Wedding Gifts

Calligraphy wedding and anniversary gifts are simply the best, most romantic present you can get for your wife or husband! Wedding + Calligraphy, goes together like love and marriage, goes together like a "horse and carriage"!  I guess if you're in an older generation you'll understand that metaphor. Otherwise you'll probably think I'm losing my mind! 

Wedding Vows

Your vows are promises that are made to each other during your marriage ceremony. They come from your heart and need to be renewed on a daily basis for a good marriage. Writing marriage vows in calligraphy and having them framed is a wonderful way to have them displayed so you can remember your promises and live up to them! That makes for a happy and long marriage.

Remarriage- anniversary couple superimposed on beautiful background
Husbands vows to his wife written in calligraphy with a background using sunflowers that she loves
First Anniversary Husband's marriage vows in calligraphy superimposed on a wedding photo

Marriage Vows

Marriage vows are my most popular request. I have many examples below, so make sure you keep scrolling down the page to get inspiration for having your wedding vows written in calligraphy and framed on some amazing surfaces!  

When you think about calligraphy, your mind goes to weddings. When I tell people I am a calligrapher, they assume my calligraphy services are about addressing wedding envelopes. But I rarely do addressing envelopes. Just contact me with any ideas or questions and make sure to leave enough time for your wedding calligraphy gift to arrive by your special date.

traditional gold frame calligraphy vows
calligraphy printed on canvas, this is a thin wrap ready to hang

Here are some of the other ways for calligraphy to celebrate marriages.

  • Marriage Certificates - Ketubah - Quaker Marriage Certificate for Signing
  • First Anniversary Gifts  - Traditional Gift is Paper
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Marriage Vows
  • Marriage Proposals
  • First Dance Song Lyrics
  • Ten Year Anniversary
  • Silver Anniversary
  • Renew Wedding Vows
  • Golden Anniversary
  • Best Man's Speech
  • Gifts for Brides' Maids - Grooms
  • Gifts for Best Man  - Maid of Honor
  • Gay Weddings - I do not discriminate against any loving couple

Here are some examples of Wedding Gifts

 Her marriage vows in calligraphy on a scene from their wedding in Hawaii
His marriage vows in calligraphy on a scene from their wedding in Hawaii

Framed Vows

Framed Wedding Vows using your favorite professional photograph with your vows written in calligraphy is one of my most requested calligraphy services. These are generally large pieces and most often couples choose not to displayThis couple who lived and married in Hawaii had two pieces done to hang side by side. They got married and ended up living in Hawaii for quite a while. When they moved to the mainland, they told me that this was one of the only possessions they moved back with them to the continental U.S. They really treasure those art pieces - and the promises they spoke to each other on their wedding day. These vows were placed over the couple's bed! Good nightly reminder - never go to bed angry!

Couple Opening Wedding gift of framed calligraphy quote

Husbands Vows - Wife's Vows

Husband's Marriage vows for a winter wedding

Sometimes it's the husband's requests for his vows; sometimes it's the wife's request to have her vows written in calligraphy. If both of the couple's vows are not too long, I can incorporate both husband and wife's vows into one piece. In most cases that will necessitate a larger final size, especially when you also include a wedding photo.

 It's nice if you can use a wedding photo, but having a background that reflects the theme of the wedding is also nice, as in the snow flakes design for a winter wedding.

When a couple's vows are relatively short and I am able to write both wedding vows together on calligraphy piece. When your tastes are traditional, I can design it that way. This had beautiful scroll work joined their vows together. They had a lovely photograph that completes the picture.

Long Text Marriage Vows

If you want both sets of marriage vows to be included in your custom calligraphy, the piece can take a very long time to write out. I've come up with a great option for people who want the look of custom calligraphy but have a smaller budget. That's when I combine handwritten calligraphy with a beautiful Adobe font from Photoshop. The names, dates, place and some other text is written in hand calligraphy,  I use your photo, but complete the vows in a computer font. 

People love it because it still looks like handwritten personalized calligraphy. And it saves you money. Here are some examples.

First first anniversary custom calligraphy and computer font
40th Wedding Anniversary poem by husband to his wife with family photo written in hand calligraphy combined with computer font

Get Ideas and Inspiration for YOUR Customized Calligraphy gift

husband & wife's wedding vows in calligraphy with wedding photo
husband's vows to his new bride
His and Her Marriage Vows written in calligraphy with informal wedding photo

Traditional One Year Anniversary Gift

The First Year Traditional anniversary gift is paper so calligraphy fits perfectly! If you want to follow by using paper you will have fewer choices for framing your vows. You may have use traditional framing with glass. Thin wraps can be made with paper, so if you are a perfectionist you can choose this look. And it really is beautiful! 

Traditional first year anniversary gift in calligraphy
First anniversary wedding gift of calligraphy with wedding photo

First Dance Marriage Song Lyrics

first dance song lyrics for traditional 1st year anniversary gift
first dance first year anniversary lyrics
First dance of couple anniversary gift in calligraphy

Marriage Photographs

Wedding photographers can make the memories you have of your marriage ceremony and celebration even more special! If you know ahead of time that you are going to use your photograph with calligraphy, make sure to let your photographer know. Ask them to take a photo of you that is off-center. That way your calligrapher (me, I hope!) will have a place to put your text! If you notice, many of these calligraphy wedding gifts have the picture of the couple in a box of the side of the text. That's because there was no way to write on top of the couple. I can always speak to your photographer. Just contact me.

In some cases I can use "Photoshop Magic" to extend the background. But that takes a lot of time and effort, and extra cost! 

extend the beach background with photoshop
photoshop to add space for calligraphy in wedding photo

Marriage Proposal In Calligraphy

In the excitement of a marriage proposal you may not remember what you heard or what he said! I've seen some people bring another person along to take a movie of the event, but that's pretty unusual, since you want it to be a special private moment. The exception, of course is having the proposal on the big screen at a sporting event! LOL

But having the proposal written ahead of time and handing it to your intended can make a beautiful keepsake!

elegant marriage proposal in calligraphy
Adorable photo with a marriage proposal
Clever limerick poem for a marriage proposal
A womans marriage proposal to her boyfriend in calligraphy
 Unusual marriage proposal poem background of beach and large planet

Unique Calligraphy Gifts for People in the Wedding Party

Best Man's Speech

Best Man's Speech for Wedding Gift

A best man's speech can be pretty long! So I've figure out a great way to make this gift more affordable. I write the most important information- the bride, groom, date, where, etc. in beautiful handwritten calligraphy and then do the actual speech in a tasteful, fitting computer font. It saves me many hours, and saves you lots of money. AND, it still looks great!

embarrassed groom listening to best man's speech
OOPS! A bride exposes too much in a wedding photo

Father's Wedding Speech to the new couple

Parents are very emotional when their children marry and move away. This father wrote a beautiful speech for his daughter and new son-in-law.  Speeches are typically very long and can be costly. That's why I came up with a way to combine the use of a great looking computer font with personalization in calligraphy. It looks custom (it IS!). This piece was printed on glossy  metal, and it's very large. It's traveling across the sea to Ireland!

Father's wedding speech in combination of computer font & personalized calligraphy. The gorgeous couple's photo is right in the middle.

Gay Weddings

I'm so happy to be able to write calligraphy gay wedding certificates, and other gifts for gay weddings! Finally!

Lesbian wedding with two brides' marriage vows in calligraphy
lawfully wedding gay men marry with vows in calligraphy
marriage vows of gay couple
gay marriage certificate

Renewing Marriage Vows In Calligraphy

Long lasting marriages are not as common nowadays. And that's why they need to be celebrated!

By the time you are ready to renew your marriage vows, you probably have "everything" you need. It's hard to find a great present. But calligraphy with old and new photos can make a really sentimental gift for your spouse. 

Long Lasting Marriages then and now with quote in calligraphy and photos
Christian theme marriage vows renewed in calligraphy
couple chose old and new photos to renew their vows in calligraphy

Additional Wedding Calligraphy Pieces I Love

Wedding gift in calligraphy of a special poem with couple's wedding photo
First Anniversary gift, personalized poem written in calligraphy & superimposed on wedding photo
Calligraphy of First anniversary poem written in by wife for her husband using their wedding photo
Wife's wonderful love poem to her husband on their first anniversary written in calligraphy
husband's vows in calligraphy for first anniversary gift with white rose background
John Legend lyrics in calligraphy for first anniversary gift
1St Anniversary marriage vows written in calligraphy with selfie of the couple in Hawaii
Wedding gift of poem written in hand calligraphy superimposed on couple's wedding photo
Husband's love poem for his wife written in calligraphy with a professional photo of them - printed on metal with black background- gorgeous

Yes, calligraphy and weddings go hand in hand! I hope I've inspired you with ideas for your anniversary or wedding gift. Don't let those photos of your happy marriage day stay in a box! Let me put your favorite words and memories in calligraphy and get them hanging where all can see them in your home or office. Remember, all of these pieces can come framed and ready to hang- right out of the box! Let's start at the beginning. Write to me with your inquiry and I'll get right back to you.