Find Unique Personalized Design Ideas for Your Calligraphy Poem

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get for that person who has everything? You know you want something special- something they will always treasure. Well, here are examples of keepsakes for that person- or to gift yourself! 

Take a look through these  completed custom beautiful calligraphy prints to get ideas that really move you. After all, as they say, "there's nothing new under the sun". But you can look through these printed calligraphy art pieces and then put your own design and "spin" on what you like- or what your gift recipient would like by personalizing your words with beautiful images and photographs!  Imagine your own photographs or selfies immortalized together to bring joy to someone you care about!

No Ordinary Artwork

As a professional calligrapher, I'm here to help you with creative ideas and options. If you're having difficulty coming up with an idea just contact me and we'll come up with the perfect solution for your calligraphy gift. If you are gifting calligraphy you don't want an ordinary boring gift- you want something that is really special! That's what we'll create together.

Combining your own photo, calligraphy titles & computer text with a great background to create artwork you'll always enjoy looking at

Print on a non-Traditional Surface

Printing and framing your poem is the final step, and there are so many choices! Imagine your calligraphy artwork printed on metal, canvas, wood or more! Your calligraphy gift can arrive ready to hang, right out of the box, saving you time and being stuck with the same old choices of glass over artwork. These surfaces put you closer to the artwork and are practically indestructible. 

Whether it's for a friend, a relative or someone you care for, calligraphy is makes the perfect gift that shows how much you care.  Saying, "I love you" with calligraphy is the most lasting testament to your devotion. Some people have a hard time saying those words, but writing them in personalized custom calligraphy is something that will never be forgotten!  It's a special keepsake that will always be treasured. 

To get started get ideas from looking below. Then contact me with your text (you can fill it all in the form).

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours! Promise!

BIble verse anniversary gift on gorgeous background from Barbados
Ideas to express love written in calligraphy with personal photograph
Poem written in calligraphy expressing love to your mother with personal photograph and background image of lilacs that her mom loves
Invictus, Famous Poem honoring soldiers written in calligraphy on mountaintop background
New Baby Birth Certificate with baby's photo boxed and placed on a pretty background
Uplifting, inspiration quote of woman dancing in the rain written in calligraphy