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Traditional 1st Anniversary Gifts: Paper

 Paper: Traditional 1st Year Wedding AnniversaryThere are actually traditional anniversary gifts by year that can make it easier to figure out what to get as a gift. It’s not hard to come up with a unique anniversary gift for the Traditional First Anniversary. The first anniversary gift is PAPER! If you want a really memorable paper

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Anniversary Gift

Romantic Anniversary Gifts

Unique Anniversary Gift Men, it’s a year after your wedding and time to find your anniversary gift to show your wife how much you love her (* ladies, it’s mostly men who are ordering these gifts for wives!). A manly man feels comfortable showing his emotions! But what’s the perfect romantic gift for a woman to show her husband

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Your Poem in Calligraphy

Your Poem in Custom Calligraphy Have you ever thought of having your own poem written out in calligraphy on nice paper for framing? If you like writing poetry, don’t keep it hidden! Do you have a book with your poems? Do you have a poem that you absolutely love?   Right now, The Peace of

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Anniversary Gift, Custom Calligraphy

Rush Anniversary Gift

Last Minute Means- Rush Anniversary Gift Come on men, you couldn’t have forgotten your first anniversary!? If you wait until the last minute to order, that means a rush anniversary gift is going to cost a lot more for rush printing and shipping fees! That can add up to wasted hundreds of dollars – when

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Personalized Marriage Vows

Your Personalized Vows in Calligraphy Personalized Marriage vows are not necessarily the traditional “Do you have this man/woman to ….?”  It’s wonderful that now, you can choose to write your own marriage vows that express your hope of what your marriage will be. As individual as each couple’s relationship is, vows can reflect their unique

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Anniversary Gift, Gift Ideas, Love Poems, Unique Gift Ideas

Celebrate the day you met

Anniversary’s are a thing to celebrate- even if it’s not a marriage, but just the day you met. Unique Gift for the Day You Met Everyone remembers the day you met your sweetheart. It was memorable because it was the first meeting of someone that changed your life. I hope you still have that feeling

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My Christmas Gift

A Special Christmas Gift This father had an idea for a very special Christmas gift for his daughter. She won a special award playing soccer, and this was the text from the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, all the pictures were very small, and the text was very long. My solution was to use many of the

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Using your selfie: a unique gift idea

Printing Your Selfie With Calligraphy Combining calligraphy and personal photography is my specialty of calligraphy services. So many people are walking around with selfie sticks and taking selfie photos. Here’s a unique gift idea about how to use that terrific selfie picture you took. Photoshop Magic & Calligraphy You may have a great picture of

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Anniversary Gift, Calligraphy Services, First Anniversary, Marriage Vows, Personalized gifts, Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding Anniversary Personalized Gift

1st Anniversary Traditional Gift: Paper The Traditional first anniversary gift is “paper”. Your vows handwritten in calligraphy with your wedding photo can be the perfect unique gift idea for your husband or wife.   If you have digital photographs or can get the professional digital pictures from your wedding photographer, writing your marriage vows in

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Anniversary Gift, Calligraphy Services, Custom Calligraphy

Wedding Gift

Personalized Wedding Gifts Are you looking for a unique wedding gift? Lianda’s calligraphy services include personalizing a gift by combining the couple’s wedding song in calligraphy with the theme of their wedding is a great idea for a unique gift. Wedding gifts written in calligraphy can combine a song, marriage vows,  a theme, a photograph of

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