Calligraphy art prints size examples

Ordering the Right Size for your Calligraphy Art Prints

You've found the perfect text and photo and want to order a calligraphy art print! I want to help you make the best decision about what size to order. It's so hard to envision what your final print will look like. But it's important to know ahead of time what size to order. That's why I made this visual guide for you to compare the sizes and dimensions for your calligraphy art print.

Proportion of Your Printed Calligraphy

Calligraphy has its own proportions and shape based on how many lines of text, and the length of each line of text. Imagine how a long and thin poem or song lyric would look even when the layout goes from portrait to landscape. Sometimes you really need a custom sized finished print. 

size of art on a wall compared to a coach

Where do you want to display your calligraphy art?

If you know where you want to display your calligraphy quote that helps a lot! Is it a public piece, or a more private letter. Would it be something to put on a desk, a night table, or over a fireplace? There are great options to print for all sizes.

Guide To Ordering a the Perfect Size

In the past I used to encourage people to put tape up on the wall where you wanted your calligraphy art print to hang. And that STILL is a great way to make sure you get the right size for your wall or space. Take some painter's tape (tape that doesn't damage your walls that you probably have in the garage or storage). Put it up on the wall in the approximate size you need. Then you can have a better idea what size of calligraphy art print to order.

How to pick the right size calligraphy art print

Go Large!

You want to be able to read the calligraphy text without glasses and not have to stand right up to it to read it. It doesn't cost any additional for me to write in a larger size (up to a 20 x 24). Only the print will cost more. And I bet you'll really enjoy it so much more to see your calligraphy and beautiful background in a larger size, rather than a small piece. (unless you want to put it on your desk).

Calligraphy Can't Be Enlarged

It's important to understand how to order the right size right from the beginning. Calligraphy lettering can have very thin lines called "hairlines". Those are the serifs in the different styles of calligraphy. When you try to enlarge calligraphy the hairlines and beautiful flowing parts of the letters become blurry. In fact, I always work a little larger and then reduce the size of the final calligraphy print so the letters will be legible and beautiful. That's one of the tricks of a professional calligrapher

Picking the Perfect Background

Your text is probably very meaningful to you. And it's important to pick the perfect background that enhances your calligraphy quote. You may even want to layer the background and have a personal photo, or a selfie of you and your special person included with the text. It makes it all the more special to you - or to your gift recipient! 

Stretch out of your comfort zone and consider some different backgrounds to make your text into a beautiful piece of personalized artwork. 

Famous poem: Phenomenal-Women by Maya Angelou in calligraphy-watercolor with personal photo of young and older women
Phenomenal Women in calligraphy with a colorful background and personal photo
Calligraphy personalized favorite poem with selfie photo- Famous poem Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelous

The Shape of Calligraphy

When you look at the examples of the various sizes of calligraphy art prints on the top of this page you may notice there are slight changes in what is included into the final print. Calligraphy has a proportion. And photographs do as well. If your text is very long and narrow sometimes it has to be divided into columns! Or sometimes a border design on the side will make it appear more balanced. You can't make a panoramic photo fit into a square shaped frame! 

You may love a particular photograph, but it may not fit in the standard size frame that you've chosen. Here's the good news: for many of the framing choices, custom sizes are also available. When you tell me what size you'd like make sure to tell me whether you want the text written in portrait or landscape layout. This can sometimes be hard to do- but if your text is long and narrow it will be important to pick a background that has a border or interesting image on the sides to widen your calligraphy print.

metal print with built in stand

These are examples of prints on metal
that are smaller sized and perfect for a table, shelf or fireplace mantle.

They stand on their own, and no additional framing is necessary. Look great, don't they?

curved metal stand for calligraphy artwork

If you are ordering a small sized calligraphy artwork you also have other great options for framing. You can have it printed on metal with a built in stand or a curved shape that will stand on its own. There are also additional stands for wood and thin wrapped prints as well. 

But don't worry- I'll be there every step of the way to explain the process and help you get the most beautiful results of combining your calligraphy text with a gorgeous background that you will love! Just contact me, and let's get started.