non-traditional framing without glass

This is a metal print floated on a background of black with an additional wood frame. 

Framing Calligraphy Gifts ~

Framing your calligraphy poem with Beautiful Calligraphy is easy. There are so many options available. Getting your finished calligraphy framed can be a real hassle. You have to find a nearby framer. You need the time to go, and then may have a long wait to get your piece completed. Framing calligraphy can end up costing more than ordering your calligraphy art! But when you choose from some of the unique choices at Beautiful Calligraphy your piece will arrive ready to hang! Having your calligraphy gift framed with one of these non-traditional print/framing surfaces is a great solution. It will end all the extra time and expense of going to a framer.

Framing Options for Your Calligraphy Art

I have so many amazing choices for having your text printed on a surface that won’t need additional traditional framing that will astound you! Can you imagine your quote on wood? On metal, canvas or even an apron or other useful surface? The biggest problem is going to be choosing which method of “framing” you like best. The options are methods of printing your calligraphy words on a surface instead of paper. Technology has improved so much that now you can print directly onto canvas, metal, wood, glass, acrylic and even fabrics, such as T shirts or aprons!

Framing your calligraphy poem with the many options options available means your poem will come ready to hang right out of the box. No more going to the framer, spending a fortune and taking a long time to get your finished piece. OK, it’s kind of hard to explain, but these options are not traditional framing. It won’t come to you with a wood frame around the piece, and glass over the artwork. (mailing glass is not a good idea). But it will have a fresh, contemporary look that you will LOVE!

Printed calligraphy on metal is ready to hang right out of the box

The companies I work with also have developed a fresh approach to gallery wrap. It’s a thinner wrap, but you can still see the sides of the picture. It stands away from the wall, but it’s not a boxy look. It stands slightly away from the wall giving a three dimensional look. I think it’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional gallery wrap.

I hope you don't get dizzy from seeing it revolving below! 

This is what the sides and back of a thin canvas wrapped image looks like.

Paper Options for Printing Calligraphy

If you decide you want to go the traditional route of framing you still have choices. There are many different types of paper for your giclee print. All of the papers are archival and resist fading. If your calligraphy has a large photograph, you may want a smoother paper. The newest option is metallic paper. It actually makes lighter colors shine and even glow in darker rooms. It looks amazing! And the metallic paper can be used in the framing options that you’ll see below.

For the traditional look with printing on paper, there is now an option to have the look of a “deckle edge”. That looks like the original way that paper was made with a rough edge. I used to make paper using a deckle box. Here’s a fun video to see the process. 

Calligraphy can be printed on paper with Deckle edge, especially nice for parchment paper
deckle edge with white border marriage vows framed

Other Ways To Print Calligraphy Gifts 

Because hand written calligraphy is superimposed on your photography or on your choice of beautiful backgrounds, it will need to be printed. And that’s the good news, because you have so many great options. OR, you can even choose to go the traditional route and have the calligraphy printed on archival paper, and then bring it to your framer.

In the past you’d have to hand carry your delivered finished calligraphy art to a local framer of your choice. However now that I am taking my hand written calligraphy and scanning it, it becomes a digital file, which can now be sent directly to the company that will print and frame your piece and deliver it directly to you! And if you live outside of north America, we might be able to find a service where you live, which can save money and time going through customs!

No Glass Framed Calligraphy

Traditional framed artwork has glass in front of the image. But this type of print doesn’t necessitate glass separating you from viewing your artwork. There’s no glare from glass, and yet the piece is still very well protected from scratches and fading. There are many different options for printing on different surfaces other than paper. There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming. You can see the options by clicking here.

You can see examples of the most popular ways to print and framing calligraphy. Besides having your calligraphy art printed onto watercolor paper, it can instead be printed onto canvas and stretched to give a very contemporary look called “gallery wrap”.

One type of gallery wrap is called the continuous mirrored border because the print continues on the side of the artwork, so you can see the art from the side as well as directly in front of you. There is no frame. It looks like a narrow kind of “box” without a frame and hangs directly on your wall. It’s a very cool, contemporary looking way of framing your artwork! Just open the package, put a tack or nail in the wall, and hang your finished calligraphy piece. EASY!

contemporary way to frame calligraphy by printing on metal with stand built into your calligraphy art perfect for a desk

Another surface that is being used for digital framed calligraphy is printing is on METAL! Metal Prints are very sturdy and don't bend. It preserves your artwork by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and can be cleaned easily – just avoid direct sunlight.

Don’t you love it? It’s especially nice for photography and contemporary tastes.

Another choice for printing/framing calligraphy is printing on actual WOOD! You can see the texture of the wood through the print. And, you can have a border of the wood around the print- which is almost like a new type of contemporary frame. Although this type of printing is a bit more expensive that the other alternatives, it’s a timeless look, and may be the best method for your particular quote and taste.

calligraphy can be printed on wood

Although printing on acrylic was a popular method for artwork used in the past, it’s now become very popular, and it looks great. Light seems to come right from behind the print, especially when printing is done on metallic paper. Framing calligraphy this way is really beautiful. And now there’s also a way to print on GLASS as well!

One of the newest ways to print is on curved metal. It needs no additional framing, and stands by itself on a table or desk top.

The bottom line is: there are LOTS of considerations for alternatives to printing on paper and using a traditional method for framing calligraphy. They may actually cost less that getting a frame, matting and glass as well – and it will become your favorite art piece because it’s YOUR choice of quote/text and photography. Go for it! You deserve it.