Calligrapher, Lianda Ludwig

Professional Calligrapher, Lianda Ludwig at her desk

My Background

My name is Lianda Ludwig and I have been a professional calligrapher providing calligraphy services since 1979. OMG! It’s amazing how time flies!! You probably realize that’s an old photo of me!

I remember thinking when I took my first calligraphy class that it would take a LONG TIME to learn! It's true. Lots of people take a class and think the same thing. It does take a lot of time and dedicated practice to learn- not just about calligraphy "fonts" (known as "hands") but about all aspects of being a professional calligrapher. 

Working With Customers to Create Custom Calligraphy

I love to collaborate with my customers! If you have an idea for a calligraphy art piece just contact me. I’ll get back in touch with you within 24 hours. If you’re a last minute shopper very often I can deliver you calligraphy project very quickly!

Calligraphy Changes With Time and Technology

My hand calligraphy was frequently seen in the Plaza Hotel (went the way of the dinosaur- not in existence anymore- but now an incredibly expensive condominium). It was so exciting when I actually wrote the name (and addresses) of famous stars and musicians for wedding invitation. I was commissioned by prominent people and celebrities.

When people think of calligraphy, they generally think of addressing wedding invitations. And before technology and the internet moved ahead most of the work I did was addressing envelopes for weddings and other events in my neighborhood. But now as a professional calligrapher, I rarely address envelopes. I have the joy of designing quotes, poems and other text and combining it with photography or artwork. Believe me, it’s a lot more challenging AND fun! Doing calligraphy is 99% happy work. The only sad work is writing memorials- especially for young people.

Where I Learned Calligraphy: New York

When I lived in New York, I had the pleasure and privilege to study with many of the world’s most respected professional calligraphers. I learned from the best! You know how a great teacher can inspire you? I had THE BEST teachers! And I even went to a calligraphy convention where teachers from all over the world came and offer workshops for an entire week.

professional calligrapher Lianda, with examples of metal and canvas printed custom calligraphy

Where I reside Now

I no longer reside in New York. In 1996 I followed my heart’s desire and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to be in warm weather near beautiful mountains. Then I moved again, and now live in San Diego. (but I still really miss Tucson!) It really doesn’t matter where I live, because I have done calligraphy services for people from many countries- mostly English speaking. I’ve even worked with our soldiers around the world to make sure their loved ones had anniversary or birthday calligraphy gifts delivered to them in the U.S. And, I ship calligraphy pieces all over the country.

Calligraphy & Photoshop

Although my calligraphy services are done by handwriting your text, I learned how to combine calligraphy with photography with using Photoshop. It was HARD and took quite a while. But now I do something entirely unique: Photoshop Magic – combining YOUR personal photographs (even selfies) with my calligraphy and print the art piece on a variety of different surfaces (canvas, wood, acrylic, glass and yes, paper). There is a great advantage to being able to print directly on your photographs, something that was rarely available in the past. And because of this technology, your piece can be printed/framed and ready to hang, right out of the box!

Let’s Work Together

If you’re not sure about how you want your calligraphy presented, I’ll work with you. Don’t worry! I believe that everyone is creative, and I can help you bring out that side in you! I’d be delighted to collaborate with you on a calligraphy piece for a gift or for yourself! So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to find out more. Make sure to take your time and look at examples around the site to get inspiration.

Shop With Confidence

If you write to me, I will answer your request for information within a day. Yes, I live next to my computer! But seriously, I pride myself in excellent customer service. My calligraphy services include proof reading your text to fix any grammatical or spelling errors (I have a Masters Degree in Education).

I will explain exactly how the process of ordering calligraphy ahead of time. I will do my utmost best to stay within your budget (if possible). I explain how my fees are determined.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Because we have collaborated on a plan before I being your calligraphy poem or text, you will know what to expect. That’s why I ask you to write to me using my contact form rather than calling. I can remember much better when things are written down! LOL. That way we BOTH have the information we’ve agreed upon. However, if you absolutely need to speak with me, just provide your phone, time zone and best time to reach you.

When I’ve completed writing the calligraphy and the design work on your calligraphy project I will send you the first look at the calligraphy. At this point I can make any small changes, moving headings, adjusting size and fixing any errors. I’m not a computer, and unfortunately, sometimes I do make errors- but of course, I will correct them at no additional charge. Once the corrections are made, I’ll send you the corrected copy for your approval. Paying the balance for the piece at this point is construed as your acceptance of the final design. It’s ordered and shipped off to you.

Yes, I have made a two ordering errors- I have gotten confused with the type of framing when I get multiple changes in what my customer finally decided upon. But the buck stops here: If I make the mistake, I pay for the correction and you get just what you want. That’s my promise to you.

I am always thrilled when my customer takes the time to write back and tell me how much they love the calligraphy. Unfortunately, not all people take the time to write after they receive the final piece. But you can read my “rave reviews” to feel confident in ordering my calligraphy services.