Peace Prayer of St. Francis written in calligraphy with Rock cairn showing the way

How Much Does Calligraphy Cost? ~

The price for custom calligraphy varies by each piece. It’s like asking me: “how much does a dress cost?” As you know, it can be anything from $2 to $2 million dollars depending on a lot of different factors! I promise, my calligraphy is NOT going to cost you two million dollars.

There are many moving parts to determine the prices so that I can give you an estimate for your calligraphy! Much of it depends on the length of the text and how many lines there are to write. The background is important, and how much work I have to do with Photoshop to fix either your photo, or make the text visible on a background of your choice. And there are other considerations as well.

I know that many people want to frame their own artwork, and would like the text to fit in a standard size frame. Unfortunately, I cannot always make your finished quote fit into a standard size. Calligraphy has to find its own dimensions. Calligraphy text has a shape, and that must be part of the consideration of the final size, whether small, medium or large.

Motivation quote in flourished calligraphy about overcoming hardship

Minimum Fee & Text Size

Although you may have a very short quote, the estimate for your price will not be below $150 which is my minimum fee. Calligraphy takes time for me to write out and design your text in calligraphy. You can see from the quote above that designing a quote to bring out its meaning takes thought and practice. It’s not like I just put my pen to paper and write it out one just time, and viola, it's done.  There are concerns about line spacing, where the calligraphy will fit when you have a photo, getting flourishing perfect, fixing the photo so it looks great, and SO MUCH more!

I’m not a newbie at calligraphy. I’ve been taking classes to improve my skills over decades. (yes, I am old – but not yet shaky! )

Sometimes a piece with fewer words can cost more than a longer text. That’s because there’s more design element with a short quote. I love solving the riddle of a good design to make sure I'm emphasizing the meaning in the quote. That's the most important and artistic part of calligraphy.

Why I Ask For Your Budget

If you want to purchase a Hyundai but have Ferrari tastes, it’s important for me to know before I can give you an estimate. I don’t want to waste your time or mine. That being said, I will try to make suggestions that can work within your budget if possible. But if you're asking for a huge amount of text and have a very small budget I want to be honest with you. But... 

Best man's speech in calligraphy and computer font to save cost

I will do my best to offer options that will reduce the price on very long texts if you have a smaller budget. One excellent option is to create the text in an appropriate computer font, add personalization, titles or other parts of the text in hand calligraphy, and then use the photograph of your choice.

Then it becomes really important to find the perfect background for your calligraphy text! The only additional charge is for printing and shipping. The calligraphy piece still is personalized and has a custom look.

People who have used this approach to lower cost calligraphy write back and are thrilled with the effect.

Printing Calligraphy Art

Of course, you may want to have it printed on any of the amazing surfaces that will have the piece completely ready to hang, right out of the box!

I generally start with using a word/line/paragraph count to determine a price to give you an estimate on the final cost. The price may start close to $1 per word. But the other consideration in estimating a price is the number of lines of text and Photoshop Magic design work time necessary. These are considerations in determining a final price for your custom calligraphy.

Large Pieces & Digital Media

If you are choosing a photograph from existing pictures, there’s no extra charge. But if you are choosing a new photograph from Adobe stock photography there’s a small charge for using the photo, dependent on the size necessary to accompany the calligraphy. But I can tell you it is definitely worth it. They have gorgeous artwork as well as photographs.

There are wonderful FREE photographs available at Make sure you use filters to go through the photos and save the identifying information about the photo you like or you may never find it again!

Very large pieces necessitate more time, and have an additional charge. Smaller pieces can be achieved by reducing, but I can’t enlarge lettering or it gets very blurry. With smaller pieces printing charges are lower.


I’m very happy to offer wonderful printing options on a variety of surfaces. These options will deliver the calligraphy to you ready to hang. (you can even get some of the styles professionally gift wrapped!) You won't have to take your finished calligraphy paper print and have it professionally framed. Professional framing can often cost more than the price of the calligraphy! The prices for these printing/framing options are very reasonable, and again based on the final size of the calligraphy design.

Do check out these alternatives (see pictures). Prices start at about $45 just for the framing part (for 8×10 size) and go up according to size. Very often there are also sales on particular types of print/framing options.

If you are ready to get an estimate please contact me with your text and any ideas you have for a background image.

I hope you’re excited to see your text written in beautiful calligraphy!  I hope you'll write to me after you get it and let me know if it's made you happy. I'd be delighted to add your comments to my google reviews or my rave reviews on this site.