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Ordering Calligraphy Services Online

I’m delighted that you would like a custom calligraphy piece and you found me! 

For someone who is not an artist, it can be difficult to imagine how your final calligraphy poem, quote or any kind of text will look. So many people are afraid to do anything other than black writing on “parchment” paper. That’s why when you want calligraphy services from an artist, it’s a good idea to be open to their suggestions. Even if this is a quote for yourself, or a gift for someone you care about, think about this:

I  encourage my customers to   S T R E T C H and consider something different.

Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone!  

When you are planning to order Custom Calligraphy services: either for a gift, or for yourself, or for someone far away…

No worries, your calligraphy can be shipped anywhere in the world – and of course, nationwide.

Ordering custom calligraphy services is easy! 

And don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you need additional assistance or have a question.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

See examples of Calligraphy pieces

Click on the words in gold in the beginning of the sentences to be taken to a page with examples of those calligraphy pieces for inspiration!

Anniversary Gifts, and marriage vows, and wedding gifts are some of my most common requests for calligraphy services. First year traditional anniversary gift is paper, so a gift of calligraphy on paper is perfect. Many couples like to use a photo of their first dance and use the first song lyrics. Click to see examples to give you ideas.

Song Lyrics can be an original gift – especially when you know a person’s favorite song. What about gifting yourself with that song that has so much meaning to you?

Christian Religious text, biblical passages, psalms and other religious writing just seems goes along perfectly with calligraphy. In fact, the first scribes wrote the most beautiful illuminaed calligraphy that has inspired people for centuries!

Love poems and even marriage proposals are a match with calligraphy. I love adding a personal photo of the couple on any background chosen. It makes the poem so much more personal – and it’s fun to look back over the years to see how the couple has “evolved” together.

Decorated new baby birth certificates is a gift that a baby will never outgrow! Consider inspirational quotes for graduation gifts. Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Christmas are opportunities to say the words that show how much you care. There’s so much more to see! Use the search to find examples of what kind of calligraphy piece you are considering.

There are lots of calligraphers on the internet. But as a consumer, how do you know that if the calligraphy is a quality level of the handwritten calligraphy style you are considering before you order custom calligraphy services? Learning about what makes good lettering will help you make educated decisions before ordering your custom calligraphy. Here are some articles on my website that will teach you about what characteristics to look for in well written calligraphy styles and what level of expertise to expect from professional calligraphers:

Your text in calligraphy

The text you choose should be meaningful to you and to your recipient. The text maybe a poem, a letter, a passage from a book, a favorite prayer or Biblical reading. Even if you’re not a good writer, because you can do a search online, the possibilities really are endless. Make sure you put in search terms to narrow down the possibilities. Perhaps you’d like to find a unique gift for a golfer, a lawyer, a spiritual person. Make sure you put those words into the search box: such as, “poem for a tennis player”. You’ll be amazed at how many choices you’ll get!

Love poems can be from famous poems, lyrics from songs or you can even find someone to write a personal poem for you. You give them the details, and they write a poem!

If you’re not sure or want ideas for unique gifts be sure to visit my blog and store for ideas. Remember personalization: to, from, on the occasion of, date…. makes your custom calligraphy gift even more memorable.

Regarding prices, if you’re on a budget, remember, the longer the text, the higher the price- except for my options for very long text that combine a beautiful computer font with calligraphy headings and personalization.

Choose the Style of your text

There are many different "hands" in calligraphy. (In computer language it's called a font).  You can pick a style of writing you prefer for your text. I primarily use the "italic" style of writing because it's beautiful and easily readable. Click above to see examples. Let me know what you like. 

Choose your project’s background

Practically all advertisement, book covers and other text is enhanced with an image that reflects the meaning in the words. Yes people DO pick a book by its cover! Choosing the perfect background for your custom calligraphy poem will make you love the finished product even more.

Did you know that one of the things that sets Beautifully Calligraphy services apart from all the other calligraphers out there is how I use YOUR personal photographs in your pieces! Using photoshop magic, I can even add your selfie photograph to a different background.

I want to “stretch” out of your comfort zone and not pick a plain parchment background. You may not even realize what real “parchment” is… (but of course, if that is your final decision to pick parchment for your calligraphy poem, your wish is my command..)

There are lots of wonderful photographs to choose from- but it’s important to pick one where I have a place to put your calligraphy text. If you’re not sure where to begin please review these pages and of course, feel free to contact me if you’d like a creative eye and artistic heart to help guide you to your perfect choice for your calligraphy poem.

The Perfect Background
Parchment Paper

Fill out our custom inquiry request

Click here to fill out our Contact request form. PLEASE help me by filling out all fields if at all possible… It will save time- and remember, check to make sure you’re email is correct. That’s why I ask for your phone number- just in case I don’t hear back from you, and the return email ended up in the spam folder. But, it’s up to you.

Review our Custom Printing & Framing Options

Beautiful Calligraphy services offers some really amazing printing and framing choices: Besides printing on paper, surfaces where your calligraphy can be printed are on wood, canvas, metal or even glass. These surfaces allow you to order your calligraphy so it will be ready to hang, right out of the box. And no additional framing is necessary. These options frequently cost less than traditional framing with glass, and it saves you time and effort.

Or, you can choose canvas wraps or paper prints that you can take to your local professional framer to have matted and preserved for many, many years to come.

Calligraphy can be printed on paper with Deckle edge, especially nice for parchment paper

Review and Approve your Custom Piece

Most people comment appreciating about how quickly I will respond to your inquiry. After I receive your custom calligraphy inquiry, I’ll contact you via email to plan your custom piece. Please do put in your phone number, because sometimes people mis-type their email address.  And many times my quick response to you ends up in your spam or not even delivered! That way I can text (only 1x) you if I don’t hear back from you in a few days. Make sure you're sending me a cell phone number.

Emails will go back and forth a few times until you are absolutely satisfied with the plan.Then I’ll begin the actual design. I’ll keep you up to date on the process and she will send you a scan of your custom calligraphy project prior to printing for your approval. It won’t go to print until you are 100% happy! You don’t have to worry about ordering custom calligraphy services online from Beautiful Calligraphy – just read the rave reviews!