Wedding photo with gorgeous view & handwritten calligraphy vows

Adding Your Own Photo to Calligraphy

I bet you didn't even know this was possible?! I have not found another calligraphy site anywhere online where a calligrapher can actually add you own photograph, your selfie or choice of background to your handwritten text to make a totally personalized handmade gift! If you can find another site, would you send it to me? Yes, other sites with personalized gifts will allow you to personalize your choice of text with your own photography but the text will be written by a computer font!

But you get totally customized, personalized handwritten text at ! I will handwrite your text in your choice of style of calligraphy and add a photograph as a background image. 

Don't Have a Good Photograph to Use With Calligraphy?

Maybe you don't have a good personal photograph to use. If you're not in a rush I have great tips for taking great photographs so that we can use your picture. Even a selfie will work out, especially if there's adequate light. But don't worry, there are  so many other choices for beautiful background images that can help bring out the meaning of your text. Here's how to find them.

If you can't come up with a good idea for a background image let me help you! That's something I'm really good at figuring out. And just think of this: sometimes you see a gorgeous background image that you would love as artwork. Here's your opportunity to add that background with your text! Your poem, lyrics, quotes, biblical or spiritual text will be even more special with that gorgeous image added.  Just look at the gallery to get inspired. 

Photobombs can be removed with Beautiful Calligraphy Photoshop services

Photobombs Removed

I have studied Photoshop for many years and I'm able to do the impossible with your pictures. Photoshop is why you can never trust any pictures you see nowadays. They can all be edited to remove photobombs, or even add a photobomb!

Photo Bomb removed with photoshop by design services from Beautiful Calligraphy

I can extend a soccer field, the ocean, a forest... whatever is necessary to make your personalized calligraphy shine!
Check out these hysterical photobombs for a good laugh!

Combining Background Images with Photoshop

One of the things that I enjoy doing is combining images and making a kind of collage with background images.  A bathtub in the sky with a dove flying by: EASY!  A photo in front of her school with the college logo, graduation cap - it all adds so much to the your calligraphy order!

fun use of photoshop & calligraphy poem for a birthday gift
Personalized Graduation congratulations letter from dad to daughter

A Perfect Background Has A Place For the Calligraphy

Examples of Custom Calligraphy Anniversary gifts with your own photography

Boxed Vs. Superimposed on Entire Photo

I know how great it looks when the entire photo is used as the background and the calligraphy is superimposed right on the picture. But it can't always be done. 

Oftentimes a photograph you want to use cannot be used for an entire background, but can be part of the calligraphy design. I can't write over the photo or you won't see the people in the photo or an important part of the picture! If you look the beautiful wedding photograph of the young and old couple below, you’ll see that there’s no place for calligraphy to fit on that photograph. 

Expanded Calligraphy Services with Photoshop

With my calligraphy services I can use Photoshop to edit your less than wonderful picture and use it. You many not realize it, but most photographs can be improved. Even if there are no photobombs, sometimes the lighting is poor on one subject in comparison to the other people in the picture. I can even that out. 

No need for Botox

Everyone likes to look their best and sometimes you have a blemish or spot that you'd like removed. No need to get Botox. Photoshop to the rescue to remove little imperfections in your photo. I can soften wrinkles, fix your hair, and many other adjustments that will really improve how your photo looks. 

It does take more time, and therefore it adds additional cost. That's why it's best to take the best photograph you can so it doesn't have to be fixed!. My tips for how to take a great picture can really help!  Also, if you're going for that personalized calligraphy look, plan ahead and take the best photo with room for your text!

Example of how Photoshop can extend the background to make room for calligraphy text.

Ask Your Wedding Photographers to Leave Background Space for Calligraphy

Sometimes I have to use photoshop “magic” to extend the beach or a background. You can see that in the original little photograph example, the couple was centered on the with the ocean background. I had to move the couple to the side and extend the beach on one side to superimpose the caligraphy text. And it’s not even possible. It takes me extra time to do that, and ends up costing you more.

If you are planning on using your wedding photo for calligraphy make sure to speak to your photographer ahead of time and tell him or her not to center all of the photos and leave space for calligraphy.

Background Image Behind Your Photographs

When I box your photograph and write your text in calligraphy on the side it's important to have some kind  background that unites the photo and the text. Otherwise the calligraphy piece will look unfinished. 

Anniversary gift- lyrics with photo of the couple walking in colorado with a composite background created with Photoshop

I like using a variety of background images that depend on your style. A sky can be a subtle background that goes with nearly any type of decorating style you have in your home. 

Using Your Own Photo with Calligraphy

You have your own photo and want to know if it can be used with your calligraphy text.  That depends on many factors. First, is there a place to have your text where it's not too busy. 

When you look at your photo you see it differently than I do. This is what I look for: are both people's faces showing or does one person obscure the other one partially. Are parts of both bodies or just one "cut off" so that I can't place the photo on the side where someone's arm is in the picture? Is the lighting good on the subject?

The wedding song lyrics in calligraphy along with a photo of the couple -superimposed on an ocean background image
Removed background from selfie

It's fine to cut off the bottom of the body as in the picture above (Sea of Love). You can see that the man's shoulder was in its entirety, but the woman's shoulder wasn't. That's why I place them on the left side. If BOTH people's shoulders are cut off then my only option is to box the photo. (see below- that's me and my husband). 

Your Calligraphy Can Arrive Ready To Hang: Framing/Printing Calligraphy

Framing your calligraphy poem or text takes time and additional money. Sure there are standard size frames. There are times when your finished calligraphy on paper doesn't come out to a standard size. And the choices for ready-made framing are generally not so great. 

In fact, my customers used to complain that the frame cost more than the artwork! Glass over framed calligraphy can change your ability to read because of the reflection. The option is non-glare glass with your frame. The non-glare glass is absolutely invisible is even more expensive than regular glass! If you do traditional framing over paper, you will need to protect your calligraphy artwork (except oil and acrylic paintings) with glass. That's not necessary anymore! 

At Beautiful Calligraphy services, I have many options so that you won't have to go shopping and spend a fortune on traditional framing for your personalized calligraphy poem and artwork. Make sure to click below to see the fantastic options available for you!