Heartwarming Testimonials 

I'm a calligrapher who really takes pride in my work. It makes feel so happy to get a happy "Thank You" testimonial from my customers. I really put my heart into each creation and do my best to make sure I've put in my full effort to create each calligraphy piece. It pleases me to no end to think about my work becoming a family heirloom to be treasured. 

Read comments below and I hope that will encourage you to order with complete confidence!  I am so lucky to have wonderful, considerate customers who have also posted reviews on Google that you can read there as well. 

What Lianda’s Customers Are Saying…

Husbands vows to his wife written in calligraphy with a background using sunflowers that she loves

Chris explained that Chelsea loved sunflowers. Would I be able to add some to their photo?

In order to do so, I used Photoshop Magic to take their photo from the original background and find a similar setting. Then I found an image with sunflowers and added them at the bottom.

The 20 x 24 piece of artwork was printed on metal with a semi-gloss finish. It took a long time, and I was so thrilled to hear how Chelsea loved it. It was her Christmas present. Chris knew just what would make her happy. He's the HERO!

The piece brought tears of joy to my wife. It was absolutely PERFECT.

"My wife and I got married on 10/03/2020 in NY. We were fortunate to be able to have our wedding regardless of all the Covid restrictions. I had an idea for a Christmas gift for my wife that Lianda made a reality. I wrote my vows to my wife. Lianda wrote my vows out in calligraphy, used the wedding picture that I chose, and Lianda used her artistic mind and did the rest.

Lianda made the most beautiful piece that came ready to hang on the wall right out of the packaging. The piece brought tears of joy to my wife. It was absolutely PERFECT. On a professional level Lianda is second to none.

Every email I sent was answered within 24hrs. Any questions I had were answered with great detail in a courteous and respectful manner. It is easy to be skeptical dealing with someone over the internet with all the fraud in the world. Lianda went out of her way to ease that anxiety and reassured me that my wife would absolutely adore the gift.

I give Lianda “infinity” stars because 5 stars does not do her justice. I highly recommend Lianda. Give her your idea and then let her do her thing, you will not be disappointed. A special thank you to Lianda for making my first Christmas married to the love of my life the most memorable."

“I started with a rough draft of text and Lianda turned it into a wonderful piece of art."

“I started with a rough draft of text and Lianda turned it into a wonderful piece of art. She hand picked the picture and I cried when I saw it. It summed up what the words meant to me and was everything I was looking for and more. The calligraphy just put it over the top for me. She even suggested I print it on metal and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I can’t thank her enough for my artwork that I will display somewhere where I will see it every day.”

Mark V.

Raynham, MA

"My husband had tears in his eyes when he opened it!"

“We received it! Thank you SO much! My husband had tears in his eyes when he opened it! I knew he would love it. Thanks for all you did to make this happen! It turned out just beautiful!”

Amy Miller
Huntingdon, PA

"The final artwork could not be more fabulous"

A beautiful wedding gift for my friends! Lianda’s calligraphy and my friends’ photograph combined to make a truly gorgeous result. I really appreciated the way Lianda sought my input throughout the process to make sure that the final product fit my needs: she showed me various typefaces, colors, layouts etc. I love to participate in creativity, so I really enjoyed the process from start to finish. The final artwork could not be more fabulous. I look forward to coming back to Beautiful Calligraphy in the future for other gifts – maybe I’ll even treat myself!

Heather Elliott
Tuscaloosa, AL

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this, it is so beautiful! Totally exceeds my expectations, you do amazing work, thank you so much!

Hi!  It looks amazing! Absolutely beautiful! So excited! I hope he loves it as much as I do!
Thank you a million times over!

She LOVED it

Lianda, Therese loved the calligraphy artwork!!

She started crying and smiling at same time!! Thanks again for your beautiful work! Happy Holidays!

- Jim

Dad's message in calligraphy telling his daughter how proud he is of her- superimposed on her making a winning kick in soccer
Customer Testimonial for calligraphy

I’m thrilled with the results.
I received your beautiful package today and I’m thrilled with the results. It’s truly a beautiful work of art. My daughter and niece will be very excited to have this gift. And I’m happy I have one too. 😊
Thank you again for your help in coordinating this project, and for your beautiful work.
Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas season.
With gratitude,
Pat Skene - Ontario

Your calligraphy is simply lovely, and I thank you for creating a piece of artwork that I will treasure the rest of my life. Thank you for putting your heart into the poem; you made for a wonderful keepsake for me.

Barbara D.
Tucson, AZ
As a certified Celebrant, graphic artist and musician, I have worked with a number of artists in Lianda’s field of specialty. But not one has ever emerged with her level of artistry, or with her focused commitment to bringing her clients’ imaginations into artistic reality. Her certificate in honor of my own Joining Ceremony which appears at the top of her Custom Designs is one of my great treasures, as is her friendship.

- Dr. Sarah

I truly can’t thank you enough. What can I say? I’m thrilled with your work, and I loved working with you. It makes me want to think of another project!
Best wishes for the holiday season.

– Helen J. , Plymouth, MA

The calligraphy just arrived! AND WE LOVE IT !!!
It far exceeds our expectations ? I think I have just discovered a wonderful gift for so many people in my life – your calligraphy art. But the most important people in my life, my daughter and son-in-law, are going to love what you have created especially for them.
Corinne Nussear
Oldsmar, FL

Although I knew only the purpose of what I wanted, you turned my broad generalizations into very real art. I appreciated the great collaborative process — I am aware of how picky I can be. The human hand in the process of creation is so very important, and you created that which I could not. The end result was what I hoped for! Thank you for your time and talent!

Rev. Jonathan E. Reid

Each year, awards recipients honored by Western National Parks Association are delighted by certificates with Lianda’s exceptional calligraphy and beautiful drawings. In the past, names were typeset and printed on the certificates, and the certificates were often tucked away in a box somewhere and soon forgotten. Now, the certificates featuring Lianda’s calligraphy are finding a place of honor on the walls of National Park visitor centers across the West.

Dan Stebbins, Editor
Western National Parks Association

Lianda Ludwig did the calligraphy for our daughter’s formal wedding in 2000. We had about 200 invitations to be individually addressed, and each one was done beautifully and with care. The work as a whole was done on time and at what we considered to be a fair price. We’d have no qualms about using Lianda’s calligraphy services again should the need arise.

Ray Howard
Tucson, AZ

I cannot begin to express our complete delight with the magnificent work that you did. The …. family are equally pleased with the artistry, creativity, and craft exemplified by your efforts. I look forward to having more opportunities to utilize your talents.

Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon
Temple Emanu-El

This is absolutely fantastic work! I received the piece this morning. I was sure it was going to turn out nice, but this surpassed my expectation. You do truly beautiful work, and I thank you for the thought and care you put into this for me. Thank you again!

M. Boca
Raton, FL

OH My Gosh!!! It is SO Beautiful!!! My husband just saw it and was like “WOW”. I absolutely love it and know Kristen will too!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. What amazing work!!!


I’m proud to hang it in my home, not only because of the memories the piece will remind us of when we look at it, but because it’s simply a beautiful piece of artwork.

A Happy Customer

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the beautiful calligraphy work you did for the dedication to my Presepio. It is genuinely a labor of love and true work of art!

Reverend Gerald Gestare
Associate Pastor, Our Lady of Grace Church

Wanted you to know that the calligraphy you did for my friend was a huge hit. He told me to tell you that he doesn’t just like it, HE LOVES IT. He said it is the most beautiful gift he has ever received in his life. Thanks again!


I want you to know that I loved working with you and will tell everyone I know if they ever want something like this done, you are the one to turn to. I never thought when I went online looking, this experience would be so smooth and satisfying. Again I LOVE your work. Thank you so much for helping me put this special work into a life lasting piece. I adore you!

R. Busch

Did I Like it???? It is more beautiful than I ever expected it to be…. Thank you for all your hard work.

A Happy Customer

….it is absolutely GORGEOUS – just magnificent! It is exactly the simple classy piece that I was looking for.

S. Viescas

It’s absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo happy with the perfect job you did for me. You’re a very talented lady and I appreciate all of the suggestions and creative effort you put into making this special project for me!

Linda D.

Just wanted to say thank you again – I just picked the work up and it looks superb! The photo you sent did not do it justice (and I thought the photo you sent looked great!). Thanks so much.


Thanks so much for the calligraphy that you made for my wife to give to me. When I saw it, I stared at for at least two minutes with my jaw open in astonishment. It is simply beautiful.

A & G Patterson

I received the work you did for me. It truly is beautiful; a keepsake I hope to cherish forever, pass on to children, grandchildren etc. It was worth every penny spent and more. I will make sure and recommend you to my colleagues here. (for a wedding proposal: The answer was YES!!)

D. A.

I have to say, I was very nervous doing this over the internet, but you are so talented, and so honest, and it’s been a pleasure having you be a part of something that means so much to me. Thank you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! It looks perfect. I’m so grateful that you were able to work with me on this and get it to me so fast. You better believe I’ll be recommending you in the future.

L. P.

Your calligraphy is simply lovely, and I thank you for creating a piece of artwork that I will treasure the rest of my life. Thank you for putting your heart into the poem; you made for a wonderful keepsake for me.

Barbara D.
Tucson, AZ