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Sending Photos and Images ~

When you are send me your choice of photos, images or selfies you've found online to use with your calligraphy text it's important to send it in full resolution.

While it's fine to have a 72 dpi (dots per inch) photo on your computer, iPad or phone screen it will look AWFUL if you try to print it. Printing necessitates a much higher resolution for a beautiful sharp photo. 

Valentines day gift of love poems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple
What If song lyrics written in calligraphy
Selfie-Song-Lyrics-personalized calligraphy

Full Resolution or Actual Size

Sending a small file for printing will come out very blurry as it's enlarged for the size of your project. The more it's enlarged, the worse it looks! 

That's why I ask you to check your phone settings and send your pictures at full resolution or actual size. Unfortunately, your phone will default and send it as a small file. Then I'll have to check it and write back to you and ask you to resend it.

How To Set Your Phone 

Luckily, if you are sending an original photo from your phone camera it's easy to adjust the size of the image. 

setting for actual size on an iPhone

Before pressing "send" this screen will come pop-up and ask you what size you want to send. In this case, the "Actual Size - which is full resolution" is VERY large.

If you are having trouble finding this setting you can get instructions here.

Size is Too Large

OK - this is not a dirty joke! You won't be able to send a file that is over 6MB  via email with many mail services. But there are other methods to do that. But most of your photographs won't be that large, so you don't have to worry. 

It Still Doesn't Work!!

If someone sent a copy of the photograph you want to use to your phone, they probably sent it at 72 dpi. You won't be able to forward it any larger than the size you received. Your option is to ask them to resend the photo to you using the instructions above. Otherwise, your photo, full size will be about 2 inches in full resolution. That won't work out for a large size print! 

Finding An Online Image You Like

I'm sure you've done a search online and found some great photographs or pictures that you'd like to send to use with your calligraphy text. There could be a problem using search results you find on Google. Sometimes the photos you want to send can be copyright protected. That means you cannot legally use those images. It's like stealing from the artist or photographer. 

If the image in not copyright protected it may be too small. It can look great on your phone or computer but printing it would be awful. It would be very blurry. 

That's why I give you places to find really great photographs that ARE free, or low cost. There are literally hundreds of thousands of photographs and images to choose from. It's important to use keywords so you can narrow down the choices and not spend days looking for a good photo! 

Take Better Photographs

When you learn how to take better photographs it saves me time correcting mistakes with Photoshop Magic. That ends up saving you money!  If you use these tips you will be delighted with how your photos come out.  No more blurry shots or photo bombs! It's really easy!

Let's get started on your calligraphy project with your fun photographs! Just write to me.

Using Your Photograph

Then there's the issue of will your photograph work with your text.  Of course I can use any photograph, but if you want your text to be superimposed on your photo that takes up the entire background, here are issues that are important to learn. Read more...

The wedding song lyrics in calligraphy along with a photo of the couple -superimposed on an ocean background image
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