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Finding An Amazing Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

Everyone knows someone who has EVERYTHING! It can be very difficult to come up with the perfect gift that will delight even the most discerning person. So when you are looking for a gift for the person who has everything you need to be creative! You don't want to just give "anything" - you want your gift to stand out! Especially for Christmas, you want your gift to be the best one under the tree! For Valentine's Day, forget the chocolate (she's on a diet) and flowers (they die!). Calligraphy is the perfect gift to express your love.

Calligraphy Items for People's Hobbies, Interests &Passions

Here's a way to find the perfect unique gift for that person you care about and want to amaze with your thoughtfulness. Think about your gift recipient's personality, their hobbies, interest and passions and even the job that they do. Consider how they have their home decorated. What kind of books do they read? That will give you a focus for a type of gift that will truly delight them. And practically any type of gift can be enhanced with personalized calligraphy!

Where to Get Items Personalized With Calligraphy

There are sites where you can have quotes and text imprinted on a bunch of different items such as "Cafe Press", Zazzle and even Amazon. I will write the calligraphy text or do a design with calligraphy that can be imprinted on any of these items. If you are into sustainability, I have great organic cotton shopping bags that can be personalized. 

Here's a list to inspire your creativity for Original Gifts

Quotes for All Interests

Once you have an idea of the interest of your gift recipient then it's easy! There are TONS of websites that specialize in poems, quotes, jokes, songs, etc. All you have to do it use KEYWORDS that describe the interest and you'll find so many that you may have a hard time picking. 

Designing Your Text With Calligraphy

Then it's my job to come up with a great design. But I'll still need your input to find the perfect background. Of course, if you are going to have your calligraphy text printed on an item that is not for putting on the wall or desk, you can check out all the different items available at places like Cafe Press, Zazzle and even Amazon! 

Let's make YOUR gift the best one your recipient ever received!  Contact me to get started!