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Fountain Pens

Writing With A Fountain PenDo you even know what a fountain pen is? Sending messages to people is now a matter of the fastest method possible using your phone to text, or computer to email. How many people are are writing with an instrument such as a pen or pencil anymore? How many people actually

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Styles of Calligraphy

Calligraphy Letters In calligraphy, styles of writing are known as “Hands”. On computer the kind of typeface is known as a “font”.  Mistakenly, people refer to styles of calligraphy as “fonts”. But now you know the difference.  Most people have computers now and are aware of the many choices of fonts you can use to write text.

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Decorated New Baby Birth Certificate

The Perfect Gift for a New BabyThe perfect gift for a new baby is a decorated calligraphy birth certificate! Having a new baby, whether it’s your first of fifth (or more) is time for a celebration. And when you want to get a really unique gift (everyone ends up getting clothes) calligraphy is the answer to

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Custom Design

Designing Custom CalligraphyA custom design of an image to go with a poem takes a lot of thought and planning. It’s almost like a puzzle. I have to figure out how to bring out the meaning and combine the text design with a background that reflects that meaning visually. Custom design definitely takes time and

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Say I Love You

With Covid-19, now is the time to say “I love you”. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If it’s hard to way, write your words, and let me make them beautiful with calligraphy. Hopefully you and your recipient will have a long time to enjoy the sentiment.

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Can Art Save Your Life?

Art Relieves StressWe are all under so much stress from the Coronavirus, Covid-19. Stress increases the cortisol level, the stress hormone in your body and can make you sick or exacerbate any illnesses that you have. Art is relaxing and is the antidote to stress!  So, you may find out that making art can save your

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Less Expensive Calligraphy

Why Is Calligraphy Expensive?Yes, most people know how to write with a pen, so why is calligraphy expensive?  Many people say their handwriting is terrible (unless you went to Catholic school where the Nuns taught handwriting!). But calligraphy is not “handwriting”. There are rules and skills which take years to learn. Even a master penman

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Calligraphy Takes Time

How Much Time to Write Your Text In CalligraphySome people think that it takes the same amount of time to write calligraphy like you would write a sentence in a notebook. That may lead someone to think that they’re paying a lot of money for something that takes me no time at all. “I just

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Your Own Poem in Calligraphy

Your Own Poem Handwritten In CalligraphyDo you love to write your own poems? A poet is a person who has their own unique vision for a subject and can put it into words. A wonderful thing about people who write their own poem is that they have a visual image for what that poem brings

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Handwriting, Penmanship and Calligraphy

Do you have Messy Handwriting?Is your handwriting messy? Your handwriting, also known as “penmanship”, says so much about you. It’s almost like your body language is written down to be viewed! Everyone’s handwriting is unique- just like them! And there’s even a science to interpret what your handwriting means about your personality. It’s called “graphology“. Your

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