quaker wedding certificate print in calligraphy with lines for guest to sign

Quaker Wedding Certificate ~

A Quaker style marriage certificate is signed by the bride and groom, as well as witnesses and guests. But you don't have to be a Quaker to have a marriage certificate with places for the bride, groom, officient and guests to sign! It's your wedding, and your choice.

NOTE:  Be Careful To Protect the Document for Signing

Here’s an important note: make sure you have someone help guests sign your certificate so it will be balanced if all the lines are not used. You don’t want people to sign one after another, and have blank spaces on the opposite side of the marriage certificate.

Also, make sure you provide a paper towel or hand rest so the oil from your guest’s hands don’t spoil the certificate. Also, a good practice is to make sure that guests are not carrying food or drinks near the certificate – have a place away from the certificate for them to put down anything that might damage the document!

Ketubah for Jewish Weddings

Jewish marriages can also have the bride and groom and or witnesses sign a document called a "Ketubah".  I do not work in Hebrew, but if you are interested in having an acutal Ketubot written in Hebrew I can refer you to another scribe who is a great friend.

I remember reading in Jewish history that in Russia, in the Jewish Shetls, one woman who keep all the contracts safe. If a woman wanted a divorce because the husband wasn't living up to their contract, the Ketubot would be brought to the Rabbi and the marriage would be dissolved. 

Contemporary border design for wedding certificate inspired by The Kiss, by Klimet

Marriage Certificate Prints

I have prints  that can be personalized so you can purchase a calligraphy wedding certificate. They are custom designed hand-calligraphy and hand drawn and painted bordersYou can choose from a few available borders, or have you own design created. There are some beautiful border designs, or backgrounds to choose from. Make sure to read how to do a search so you don't "lose" an image that you love.

Calligraphy Marriage Certificate framed over the bed

Your Marriage Certificate framed - perfect for over your bed

Choices of Text for Custom & Personalized Wedding Certificate Prints

Below you can seeThere the choices of poems or text to choose from. Corinthians, The Apache Wedding Blessing,

You and I, or The Fragrance of Orchids (the text only will be used- not these backgrounds.). 

Totally Customized Marriage Certificate

Or you can have the entire certificate customized; but of course that is a more expensive choice because of the extra time it takes. 

Apache Wedding Blessing in calligraphy
corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion
You and I Wedding Text choice in calligraphy
Orchids-wedding text choice in calligraphy

If you choose a print, it can be ordered at a fraction of the cost of a totally original hand-done certificate. The giclee printing has the appearnace of an original document and will look so beautiful framed. A romantic keepsake!

 Contact me for more information.

Gay Marriage

Gay, same-sex marriage, commitment or other certificates are also fine with me : ) and available as prints. Love is love!

gay wedding certificate
calligraphy wedding vows of gay couple
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