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Gay Marriage – Finally!

So much to celebrate! Congratulations to all the Gay and LGBTQ couples who can now marry in California and many other states. It was a long, hard fought battle, but now Gays have the rights to marry. 

And like comedians quipped: “Gays now have the right to be as miserable as straight married people”. Come on- I’m kidding!!
LGBTQ- Gay Wedding Vows in calligraphy with photo of the happy couple

Marriage Vows for Gay Couples

Vows spoken at the wedding are probably very much the same for gay, LGBTQ and straight couples. Gay pride colors can be part of the design - or not! I Iike to bring out the personality of the couple in the calligraphy vows. So think about what kind of decoration would show your preferences and personality. Let's make it special and unique!

Having your vows nearby is a great aid on those times when things aren't working the best in your relationship! Read them and rededicate yourselves to that love that brought you together.

Beautiful calligraphy marriage vows are totally customizable, or chose a less expensive, but beautiful design from the store!) Most of the couples who ordered told me they have the certificate framed over their marriage bed. A beautiful reminder of their special day. Check out these examples to get ideas and inspiration for yours! 

Lower Cost Calligraphy Wedding Vows

Vows can tend to be very long, so I do have an option for the look of custom calligraphy combined with beautiful computer fonts. See more here.

lawfully wedding gay men marry with vows in calligraphy

I can design custom certificates for couples who wanted to focus on the rainbow colors that signify Gay Pride. But if you like a traditional look, that’s your choice! In the store, my certificates come in variety of backgrounds. Then you can pick the quote you like, and the type of personalization. You can even get a Quaker type of certificate where your guests will sign the certificate. It’s a lovely way to remember everyone who was there to witness your joyful union!

Having a visual reminder of a happy time in your life can remind you to feel the joy that you first felt on that special day. Congratulations to all of our Gay Brothers and Sisters!

calligraphed Lesbian/Gay marriage vows with happy photo of two brides
Lianda's signature in calligraphy

Your Calligraphy Art- Uniquely Printed, Framed & Ready to Hang

Your calligraphy art-piece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing (no glass). And it comes to you finished, and ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how wonderful your calligraphy piece will look printed on metal, canvas, wood, glass or other choices. 

metal print with built in stand
wood calligraphy prints with borders
calligraphy print on thin wrapped frame
float framed metal calligraphy print

Click here to get started with your own unique personalized custom calligraphy gift

curved metal calligraphy prints

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