calligraphed Lesbian/Gay marriage vows with happy photo of two brides

How  to Commemorate a Gay Wedding? ~

There are so many gay weddings now! It's wonderful that LOVE triumphs and Gay people can now join straights in getting married!  I'm also so happy that many families are supportive of their gay relative and want to be part of the celebration! It wasn't always this way, and I guess for some families this is still a hard issue.

I did this calligraphy art piece when the brother wanted a present for his sister and new sister-in-law. Their marriage vows are side by side with this wonderful spontaneous photograph of the two brides.

This Gay Couple waited a LONG Time to be able to Marry

For so many years Gay couples were discriminated against, unable even to be in the hospital along with the partner in times of sickness. It was heartbreaking. But FINALLY the laws have changed and people who love each other are now able to make it official and marry! Lawfully wedded! Wonderful.

Marriage vows of gay male couple in calligraphy with wedding photo

Gay Wedding Vows

My most asked for calligraphy services are writing marriage vows. You can commemorate your happy occasion with photography from the wedding. It's great to be able to look back at yourselves on the day you became a married couple.

Personalized calligraphy  is a really really unique gift for your Gay or Straight friends! Get a photo from their wedding and their vows, first dance, love poem or any text of your choice to personalize your calligraphy art piece. You can get it printed in many ways- ready to hang, right out of the box!

This was one of my favorite calligraphy jobs. A professional photographer took this wonderful photograph of the lesbian couple's home in Vermont. One of their friends wrote this cute limerick and I wrote it in calligraphy. Then it was printed on metal and became the new married couple's favorite wedding gift!

Wedding gift for Lesbian couple

Gay Wedding Certificate

I'm also pleased to offer custom wedding certificates - both of these were designed by the grooms-  with places for signatures of the guests.  

Although it's hard to see this gay marriage certificate, it was one of my favorite jobs. That's because the guys really got involved in the design. They both wanted pine and pine cones. I think it came out really nicely. And that's important for YOU to know. I like to collaborate with my customers and use YOUR ideas along with mine!

gay marriage certificate

Let's collaborate a design the perfect personalized custom calligraphy gay wedding certificate for the ones you love!

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