Printing Your Selfie With Calligraphy ~

Combining calligraphy and personal photography is my specialty of calligraphy services. So many people are walking around with selfie sticks and taking selfie photos. Here’s a unique gift idea about how to use that terrific selfie picture you took.

Love song with couple's selfie
Personalized Valentine's Day Gift special example
1st Anniversary marriage vows written in calligraphy combined with computer calligraphywith selfie of the couple in Hawaii

Photoshop Magic & Calligraphy

You may have a great picture of a place you visited, but you are not in the photo. That’s where Photoshop Magic comes in. I will combine your new background photo or your choice, or any other photo and place your selfie picture into the calligraphy art piece.

All you have to do is send me your selfie photo in “actual size” or the highest resolution. Then I can layer it and it makes it look like you were actually in that new background! I remove the people in the photo from the original background, and use that selfie picture to put on a totally different background. Photoshop makes the impossible possible. 

Then written the calligraphy is printed and ready to hang on the wall, or place on a table. That way you don’t have to scroll through your phone to always have that nice memory to see! This also makes a fun and unique first anniversary gift, which is traditionally paper.

Here’s an example of a combination of two photos. Personal photographs add so much to the memory of a place that you’ve visited- or even WANT to go to – but have never been there- like over the moon?!!

Make sure when you take a selfie that are not standing in bright sunlight that will make you squint and leave hard shadows. Take off your sunglasses as well. Here are tips to get a great selfie photo, or any other type of photograph. Take it from me, it’s much better to take a good photograph than having to pay someone to fix a dark, or poor photograph!

Check here to see examples of what size will be best for your personalized calligraphy print. Then choose the type of print you'd like, so that your personalized custom calligraphy will arrive ready to hang, right out of the box!