Learning to use various calligraphy pen points, called nibs takes time

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Calligraphy Gifts for Events and Occasions

Click on the words in gold in the beginning of the sentences to be taken to a page with examples of those calligraphy pieces for inspiration!

Anniversary Gifts, and marriage vows, and wedding gifts are some of my most common requests for calligraphy services. First year traditional anniversary gift is paper, so a gift of calligraphy on paper is perfect. Many couples like to use a photo of their first dance and use the first song lyrics. Click to see examples to give you ideas.

Song Lyrics can be an original gift – especially when you know a person’s favorite song. What about gifting yourself with that song that has so much meaning to you?

Religious text, biblical passages, psalms and other religious writing just seems goes along perfectly with calligraphy. In fact, the first scribes wrote the most beautiful illuminated calligraphy that has inspired people for centuries!

Love poems and even marriage proposals are a match with calligraphy. I love adding a personal photo of the couple on any background chosen. It makes the poem so much more personal – and it’s fun to look back over the years to see how the couple has “evolved” together.

Decorated new baby birth certificates is a gift that a baby will never outgrow!

Consider inspirational quotes for graduation gifts.

Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and of course Christmas are opportunities to say the words that show how much you care. There’s so much more to see!

Get inspired with unique gift ideas for each one of these occasions. Use the search to find examples of what kind of calligraphy piece you are considering. I have TONS of examples on every page!

Totally Customized Calligraphy Services

Do you have a poem, wedding vows, or a favorite inspirational quote? So many people say that only want it written in plain black on parchment paper. I’m so excited when I can offer a beautiful option to create a truly unique gift that incorporates either your own personal photos or a background that makes your text sing! Every time you see it, both the pictures and the beautiful calligraphy, you will be happy that you stretched and did the enjoyable work to find the right picture.

inspiration quote written in calligraphy on a background of a person reaching to the heavensMany people think in pictures. When you read, you are envisioning (which is really “in” vision) what you are reading. You can look in your “mind’s eye” and see those images in your head – and then look for an actual photograph that will be incorporated with your calligraphy poem, inspirational quote or any other text.

You will be delighted with the final result that gives you joy every time you walk past it! No more looking at a postage stamp size picture on your phone – get that unique gift of having that great photo printed with the details of the day- who you were with, the date, the place.

Celebrating Your Child’s Achievements

A child's poem in calligraphy shows how you love them and honor their writing

I loved when this mother wrote to me to have her son’s poem about being a pitcher on his school team. The boy actually wrote a great poem about what it felt like to stand on the mound. Luckily, she had a great photo of him about to throw a pitch! Much of the the time I can’t superimpose the calligraphy directly on a photo because the picture is too busy. But in this case I was able to take out a player that was standing in the background!

It was printed and framed and given to him. He was so overcome with emotion that his mother said he teared up when she gave it to him.

Your child should be shown that you appreciate what they love doing in life. It’s something that they will always remember! When they get special recognition or an award that’s an opportunity to personalize their photo with what they’ve achieved.

Collaborate With Me To Find YOUR Creative Ideas! 

My calligraphy services include helping to bring out YOUR creativity to collaborate and make the perfect calligraphy piece that you will always treasure. I will work with you to expand your creativity – YES, I can assure you that YOU ARE creative and do have preferences. I’ll help you discover them. Or if you’re getting a gift for someone else, I have some tricks up my sleeve to help you figure out what will please the “giftee” – the person who will be receiving your gift of calligraphy.

And it can come printed and framed, ready to hang out of the box.

Contact me to get started on your calligraphy service to create you own personal, unique calligraphy art piece.