Romantic Love Poems in Calligraphy ~

I’d bet that from the beginning of time when humans first started communicating, love poems had been exchanged. Love poems for Valentine’s Day gifts and poetry are some of my favorite calligraphy projects. Oftentimes, I receive a request of personally written poem that a man has written for a woman.

I’ve even written some wonderful marriage proposals! How romantic! Who can reject the lover who expresses him or herself with poetic panache? (by the way, EVERY marriage proposal has been answered with an emphatic “YES”.


There would be no story of Roxane be without Cyrano’s beautiful love poems. (Make sure you see Steve Martin’s funny and tender remake of this famous tale: “Roxanne”).

Nowadays with computer research, if you’re not a Cyrano, you can still have a romantic and personalized love poem written for you to give to your loved one! There are many services that can provide a made to order poem with specific details that you give the writer about your beloved. Make sure you read some of their work before you decide which author or service to use!

Author's own love poem

Some of the favorite love poems that I do regularly are ee cummings “I carry your heart”, Shakespeare, Corinthians 13 (from the Bible), Emily Dickinson, and the “Apache Wedding Blessing”. Some of them are in my store, and can be personalized with names and dates.

Love poems also make great Valentine’s Days presents, birthday gifts, and anniversary gifts. Don’t forget, even if you don’t prefer a love poem, you can still write a Love Letter that shows your appreciation and care for that special person in your life.

Poetry for our friends is also a great way to show them how much they mean to us. Yes, email is great; but computers crash and correspondence gets “lost” on your computer. Somehow, there’s a big difference between holding that love letter in your hand and reading the words inscribed in beautiful calligraphy.

And what woman (sorry if this sounds sexist) doesn’t love chocolate – and isn’t on a diet? That’s why calligraphy is the best romantic gift that lasts a life time! If you’re not good at writing poems or even a love letter, remember you can find ANYTHING on the web. Just put in a search for love letters, love poems…..

Remember, whenever you’re thinking about getting a gift for a person you care about, think about what HE or SHE would like – not necessarily the things that YOU want them to have. That’s the spirit of true giving.