Mothers Day is the day of appreciation for your mom. When you have a loving relationship with your mother, you want her to know how much she’s meant to you. For some people it’s hard to say those words. Chocolate and  flowers are not long lasting. But when you write either you own words, or find the right poem or quote, beautiful calligraphy is a gift that will show your love for the rest of her life.

My daughter always spends hours going through cards to find the one that has the words she wants to impart. It means so much to me, because I know how she’s read tons of text until she comes up with the right one. I can tape them to the wall, but they fall apart after time. Framed calligraphy is a wonderful alternative.

Custom calligraphy for Mother’s Day can combine the right words, and photos – of your mom; of the family, or even of her favorite flowers. It’s totally up to you. You want to show your mom how much she means to you!

If you’re not good at writing your own words- use my daughter’s approach. Go to the card store and take pictures of the text in the cards that you love the most. You can combine a bunch of them and come up with the right sentiment for your mother.

Make sure you’re with her when she opens her gift, if possible- and keep the camera ready to see the look of joy, or the tears of love on her face.