My Favorite Christmas Gifts This Year ~

Every year, a new group of people discover Beautiful Calligraphy for their Christmas gift giving. It’s exciting for me to see what kinds of gifts I’m going to be working on for the season. As usual it was a mixed bag of requests: some religious text, some gifts that expressed love, a marriage proposal (!), a family poem, a child’s nursery rhyme, and a memorial of words of wisdom from a beloved grandmother who had passed.

Although I am generally very busy from November through December, for some reason it seems that practically everyone waited until December to realize that they needed to order their calligraphy gift. It was STRESSFUL. There is just so much that hands and eyes can do in one day! I didn’t get out of my chair for hours at a time- totally spaced out about eating lunch and sometimes dinner! But somehow, I got it all done. I even did a favorite poem for a friend who offers me her theatre tickets when she can’t make a performance. What a dear!

I hope you have a very happy holiday season- Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanza…. or Mystical Winter Solstice!

and remember, you don’t need a special holiday to order a beautiful calligraphy for yourself!

Your Calligraphy Gift – Uniquely Printed and Framed and Ready to Hang 

Your calligraphy artpiece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing – and it comes ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how great your calligraphy piece will look printed on canvas, metal, wood, glass or acrylic!

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