Rumi love quote in calligraphy with couples photo
A Rumi Love poem makes a romantic anniversary gift

Finding the Perfect Romantic Anniversary Gift

Men, it’s a year after your wedding and time to find a romantic anniversary gift to show your wife how much you love her (* ladies, it’s mostly men who are ordering these gifts for wives!). A manly man feels comfortable showing his emotions! But what’s the perfect romantic gift for a woman to show her husband how much she loves him?! It’s the same thing! Commemorating your marriage vows in personalized calligraphy is a way to incorporate your favorite wedding photo and calligraphy into a romantic, unique gift.

Ideas For Unique Anniversary Gifts

A romantic anniversary gift doesn't have to be your marriage vows. You can use the lyrics from your first dance song, a love poem or Biblical readings from the marriage ceremony. There are so many website with all different type of quotes that you can use. If you're also looking for a theme for an anniversary party here's a site to check out for original ideas. 

So often your wedding photos are in a book that you rarely look at. Instead, you can have your favorite photograph framed with calligraphy. A popular spot is to hang your vows over your bed! A shorter quote can be printed on metal with a built in stand and placed on his or her desk. It can elevate someone's mood to see a happy photo with a short loving quote!

metal print frame built in stand
candid photo of the first dance at their wedding with song lyrics in calligraphy

Wedding Vows for Over Your Bed

These mirror image vows were individually printed so they could be placed over their marriage bed.

His and her wedding vows written in calligraphy on background of a beach

Unique Romantic Gifts

When you have a great photo of the both of you, all you have to do is add your names and the date of your marriage. And if your marriage was years before, I can add photos throughout the years to show how you've evolved. It's fun to look at!

You may not have a good recent photo- so take the opportunity to make sure you get a great picture now. Here are some tips to make sure it will be a really good photograph to use with your custom calligraphy.

couple chose old and new photos to renew their vows in calligraphy

(this photo is stretched out, but was made into a gallery wrap. The edges were folded and appeared on the sides and top and bottom of the finished piece.)

Gift for A Long-Lasting Marriage

When you've been married for many years you know your spouse very well. With such a high rate of divorce, a long-lasting marriage is really something to celebrate big time!

Sometimes one or the other spouse don't choose to have their photo included in a wedding gift. This husband was very creative and choose a background image from the place where they celebrated their honeymoon. I added the phase of the moon from the date when they were married! (Photoshop Magic to the rescue!).

You know your husband's or wife's favorite quotes, and perhaps prayers. Those can be used instead of vows.

BIble verse anniversary gift on gorgeous background from Barbados

Using Your Favorite Wedding Photo

If it’s after the wedding, make sure you pick a wonderful photograph you both love. You can also speak with the photographer and get links to their website where the wedding photos will be available for downloading. You’ll need full resolution digital files for the perfect printed calligraphy art piece.

No worries, if there’s no place on the photograph to write the calligraphy with your names and the date of your wedding, it can be boxed with another background behind the photograph and the calligraphy.

Examples of Custom Calligraphy Anniversary gifts with your own photography

Custom Calligraphy Designed for YOU!

You can choose a music background for your first dance, a parchment background, or even use the type of flowers from the party. You can choose to use any type of background with or without your wedding photos. It’s all up to you, because it’s custom designed calligraphy just for you!

No, No's For Anniversary Gifts

Husbands, if you want to have a happy anniversary filled with love here are things NOT to buy your wife:

  • A new washing machine
  • A new clothes iron
  • A new Vacuum cleaner

You get the idea! Get her something personal that shows your love and appreciation. Never get her household appliances for her anniversary! It will make for a much happier marriage!