First Anniversary gift, personalized version of Desiderata written in calligraphy & computer font superimposed on wedding photo

Wedding Gift from Father of the Groom.

Wedding gift from Father of the Bride picture of their first dance with letter written in calligraphy

Wedding gift from Father of the Bride.

Father of the groom on wedding day  letter in calligraphy

Wedding gift from the father of the groom.

Father of the Bride Wedding gift

Father of the Bride Wedding gift.

Father-Mother of the  Bride or Groom Gifts ~

A very personal gift is a letter from the Mother or Father of the bride or groom for their marriage. A wedding day is a very emotional experience for the parents of the bride and groom. These fathers of the bride or groom have written their feelings and wishes for their son or daughter on the day of their marriage. I wrote them in calligraphy and superimposed them on a picture. Then it was printed/framed and made a beautiful keepsake from that special day. 

It's nice when you're able to include a photo of you with your adult child on the day that they start off on their new married life. But even a photo of them alone still makes a wonderful unique gift.

1st Anniversary Traditional Gift: Paper

The Traditional first anniversary gift is “paper”. Your vows handwritten in calligraphy with your wedding photo, personalized with your names and date of the wedding can be the perfect unique gift idea for your husband or wife.

If you have digital photographs or can get the professional digital pictures from your wedding photographer, writing your marriage vows in calligraphy will make a really special personalized gift. I will add your names, the date, the place where you got married, and any other information you like.

Personalized Gift Ideas

If you don’t have a wedding photo you can still use a beautiful background that can personalize your gift by showing the theme of your wedding: the season, the flowers, the setting… It’s all customized calligraphy for your unique gift. Another idea is to use the lyrics to that special song that you used for your “first dance” as a married couple. Other talented husbands or wives have written a love poem, or used a verse from the readings used in the wedding ceremony.

Lyrics to first dance wedding song in calligraphy with couple's photograph
First dance of couple anniversary gift in calligraphy
first dance song lyrics for traditional 1st year anniversary gift

Your Wedding Photo with Calligraphy

Compare the calligraphy art pieces below. Some will have the calligraphy text or vows written directly on the photo. In other cases there isn’t a place on the photo where the calligraphy will be readable, so the photograph is in an area of the calligraphy gift.

Whatever your choice of calligraphy services, your spouse will be overcome by the care and thought YOU put into this unique gift for your first wedding anniversary!

Husband's Marriage vows for a winter wedding
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