Your Marriage Vows

Are you celebrating your first year of marriage? Congratulations!  This is the time to get your marriage vows calligraphed! The traditional first year wedding anniversary gift is paper. The vows you made to each other on your wedding day make a wonderful, romantic 1st-anniversary gift.

Huband’s or Wife’s Wedding Vows or Both!

I’ve written marriage just the vows of the husband, or the wife. But if the vows are about the same length, and not too long, both vows can be combined in a single calligraphy art piece. If the husband’s vows are longer than the wife’s vows it can be problematic. In a calligraphy art piece you want balance. What I’ve done below is to adjust the spacing of the lines. I know that’s not generally something that people consider when having their wedding vows calligraphed. But as a professional calligrapher, that’s very much in my plan of how to make your marriage vows beautiful!

husband & wife's wedding vows in calligraphy with wedding photo

Combining Wedding Photo with your Marriage Vows

A year after your wedding you have access to the wonderful photographs to pick from your wedding and can have your favorite picture to add with your wedding vows calligraphed. It’s a really romantic gift for your partner! 

Photographers often don’t leave room on a photo to superimpose your calligraphy vows. That’s where Photoshop comes in! Sometimes I have to extend the ocean or a background to have a place where I can put your calligraphy marriage vows! But if you know ahead of time that you’ll want to have a First Anniversary gift of calligraphy, make sure to tell your photographer ahead of time. 

Here’s an example of how I extended the ocean to leave space for the calligraphy.

In order to write calligraphy marriage vows, photoshop magic extended the ocean.

Vows with No photo

This was a really sad story. All of their wedding photos were destroyed, except for one picture of the wedding bouquet. Thankfully photoshop allowed me to make it look more like a painting so that they had artwork for their vows. 

wedding bouquet made to look like a painting with photoshop to use with calligraphy wedding vows.

Some couples prefer a background without a wedding photo. 

Marriage or Wedding Vows Most Popular Custom CalligraphyRequest

Calligraphy won’t wilt, can’t be the wrong size, is not fattening,  and is always the perfect unique 1st Anniversary gift! Wedding vows, both his and hers can be done separately, or with matching backgrounds. And you can incorporate wedding photos, or a background of your choice. It’s a great way to remember your First Year Anniversary – with beautiful calligraphy.

His and Her Marriage Vows

This couple wanted a mirror image of their wedding vows on two separate pieces. They were framed exactly the same. The calligraphy vows were placed over the side of the bed where they slept at night.  I thought that was a very romantic idea.

Get inspired with other Wedding Gifts

Maybe you’d prefer to use “your first dance”, song lyrics, a poem or Biblical scripture. Because Beautiful Calligraphy is totally custom work, you can have whatever you want! 

If it’s before your marriage, here’s an article to give you ideas about how to write your vows. 

Here are some examples:

Gay Marriage Vows

I am happy to now be able to commemorate gay marriages with calligraphy. 

Look at the great review: The calligraphy gift was a smashing success  — my wife absolutely loved it and was blown away!  Thank you, Lianda. Your work was tremendous. I’m going to let people know about your website/work…  Dr. M.F., Buffalo, NY

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