Valentines day gift of love poems are nthis includes a selfie of the couple

Love Poem Gifts

Love poems are the most romantic gifts, – especially when you write your own poem! It’s such an unexpected and romantic gift that will never be forgotten! I’ve been told many times that recipients burst into tears upon reading the love poem.  Spoken words can be forgotten but when they are printed in beautiful calligraphy it becomes a treasured keepsake.

Love Expressed Through Song Lyrics

Love song lyrics incorporating calligraphy and a selfie photo

You may not be a fan of poetry, but you share “a song” that you and your sweetheart both love. Maybe it was from when you first met. Hearing it takes you back to that time and place.

Music is like a universal method of showing your love. So those song lyrics express your feelings as well! I often use sheet music and musical images as a background image to make it look like the music you love. 

Love Poem on Parchment Background

 was so happy that my flourished italic calligraphy piece below looks as beautiful to go with this amazing love poem gift a husband wrote for his wife. Ahhh…. I think they are soul mates!

Personalized Love Poem

If you have the feeling, but not the ability to write, luckily there are many online sites where you can find the perfect words to express your feelings. When you do a search it can be overwhelming so make sure you use search words such as:

  • love poem for husband 
  • love poem for wife
  • love poem for him
  • love poem for her
  • love poem for boyfriend/girlfriend
  • custom personalized love poem (and include for whom)

Your Own Poems

It’s a good thing there are talented writers who can work with you to create a custom love poem! They’ll ask about what you want to say, ask for details about your relationship and then get to work to create the perfect poem for your loved one. Maybe you’d like your love poem to be sentimental or funny. You have many choices when you order custom love poems.

I love this marriage proposal written by a talented guy who made the love poem into a limerick! He got a resounding “YES” he wrote and told me later on.

Soulmate marriage proposal in calligraphy with red string signifying spiritual connection
Indian Couple's anniversary poem in b/w with red butterflies

Love Poem with Personal Photograph or Selfie

This love poem written by the Indian bride on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary is one of my favorite art pieces. The photograph was taken by a professional photographer who made it black and white, except for the flowers. I added red butterflies to pull the piece together with the calligraphy and the photograph. Her poem was really amazing to read- such a talented woman – and an obvious happy husband!

Red String Love Poem Marriage Proposal

For the first time I wrote a marriage proposal a woman made to a man! Times are changing and this is a sign of women's equality with men! Don't you love it?!

The red string has a special meaning: "The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmate or a destined partner."

Personalized Poems With Photography

Once you have your poem chosen Beautiful Calligraphy can make it even more unique and memorable by combining your own photo with the poem. Your photo can be a selfie, or a professional photograph. If you’re planning on a love poem gift, you can ask your loved one to take some new photos with you – but don’t tell them what it’s for! Make sure he or she likes the photo you’re going to use. Read here to find tips about taking a great photograph for your calligraphy art piece.

Corinthians Bible Text About Love

Some people are wonderful writers and able to express their deepest feelings with words. Others have to depend on other writers or even Biblical scripture, such as Corinthians or other religious psalms and writings. This is one of the most popular readings in wedding ceremonies.

corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion

Poems are also popular readings in marriage vows. If Corinthians was read as part of your wedding, it makes a wonderful first year anniversary gift, which is traditionally paper.

Wikipedia explains that “the First Epistle to the Corinthians, usually referred to simply as First Corinthians and often written 1 Corinthians, is one of the Pauline epistles of the New Testament of the Christian Bible.” Corinithians is probably the most requested poem about love. In the Biblical scripture it describes the importance of love above all other attributes. There are a few paragraphs to Corinthians 13, and this section above is the most requested.

Corinthians in gothicized italic calligraphy love poem

Ancient Love Poem

Sometimes a modern love poem just doesn’t fit the bill. I found this ancient love poem from the written by Kuan Tao Sheng during the Sung Dynasty. It started in the year 960 and ending in 1279! But it is as meaningful now as it was back then. I think this Chinese love poem really embodies the truth of what love should and can be between soul mates. And it’s such a wonderful love poem for someone who makes pottery (read it below). The metaphor is just so perfect. And this background Zen symbol just seemed perfect for this poem. It is translated from Chinese, but still fits not matter what your heritage. It was the first poem I ever wrote without using lines. I can hardly believe how perfect my spacing and straight lines came out. I just pulled out my pen, and piece of paper and wrote! It’s still my favorite piece of calligraphy I’ve ever done! What do you think?

You and I
Love each other so
As from the same lump of clay
Was moulded an image of you
And one of me
In a moment of ecstasy
We dash the images to piece
Put them in water
And with stirring and kneading
Mould again an image of you
And another of me
There and then,
You will find yourself in me,
And I myself in you.

Your Favorite Poem

There are some popular love poems that seem to capture the very essence of what love feels like. ee cummings (he doesn’t capitalize his letters). i carry your heart is my most requested poem. It’s available in my store, and it can be personalized with your names.

i carry your heart, ee cummings famous love poem

Do you have a favorite love poem? What do you visualize when you read it? We can work together to find the perfect background for your poem. Living with a beautiful inspirational text about love can lead you on the right path every time you read it! You can order your favorite love poem written in beautiful calligraphy for someone you love as a birthday, anniversary, for Valentine’s Day. It also makes a very special holiday gift!

Your Love Poem Framed

Once you’ve chosen the perfect poem, the calligraphy text is hand written and then superimposed on your photo. To make the process complete your love poem can then be printed on paper, wood, metal, canvas or a bunch of other surfaces (on a coffee cup, and apron, T-shirt). The calligraphy love poem can be made to stand on a tabletop or hang on a wall. It’s ready and complete right out of the box, so you won’t have to spend time looking for a frame.

A love poem is ALWAYS the perfect gift – wouldn’t YOU love to receive one yourself? You can always hint!

Poem for your Soul Mate

Very few people are lucky enough to be in a relationship with their true soul mate. It’s a really special feeling when you just KNOW that this person was meant for you to meet and fall in love with immediately!

I loved writing out this poem for his soul mate. Even though they came from different countries, it was apparent to both of them when they met that they were true soul mates.

Calligraphy for a soul mate who was leaving on a jet plane! written in calligraphy

If you read the text of the letter it’s a perfect description of soul mates. It’s true love. When you first meet someone who is your beloved, it’s so addictive and passionate. You have to work hard in a relationship to make that feeling last- especially for a lifetime. When you write your feelings down and present them in a piece of calligraphy like this, it’s something that you can read over and over again- the words are never forgotten. So if you are lucky enough to have someone you truly love and want to keep that feeling alive, write it down, and let me make it a beautiful keepsake for them!

Finding Your Old Sweetheart

Finding your old boyfriend or old girlfriend from High School or back in your life is now becoming very common! With social media it’s more easy to find your first love who you lost track of in your present day life.

It’s amazing how many of these relationships end up being “true love”. I think it’s because humans in the past didn’t live such long lives and they were meant to have that lifetime bond early in life. Who knows?

I was really excited to hear this story from one woman who reconnected with an old boyfriend from high school. She had me write their “song” from back then and add old photos from the time when they were boyfriend and girlfiend. I wonder if they worked out together in the present day?

first love, sweetheart, high school boyfriend, girlfriend calligraphy song with photos

Whoever you love, calligraphy love letters, your first song or a quote or poem makes a keepsake that will always be treasured. Order yours now- make any day a special occasion to give a gift of love!