Adorable photo with a marriage proposal written in calligraphy

Writing a Romantic Marriage Proposal ~

You’ve finally met “the one”. You’re head over heels in love! You know you don’t want to be with anyone else. And you want to make this a very romantic marriage proposal.

I love writing marriage proposals in calligraphy from romantic men! I’ve actually never had a request for writing a proposal from a woman.

Memorable Marriage Proposal

Consider this: any romantic statement that is spoken is remembered only in your memory. Even though you planned every detail you probably won’t be able to remember the exact words that you wanted to say. Of course you’ll have those strong happy emotions when you do recall the time that you made your proposal of marriage.

Write It Down!

But when a marriage proposal is both spoken and read… WOW…!! And it can be framed and the memory of that romantic event will always be there! I like adding a photo of the couple at the time of the proposal. Hopefully, in your long, happy marriage reading that marriage proposal will remind you of how you looked then and it will bring a smile to your face and heart!

Need ideas for what to say when proposing to your girlfriend?

How To Write Your Marriage Proposal

Of course, if you can write your words from your heart that’s going to feel the most authentic. Depending on your relationship, you might want to write something funny or serious.

Song lyrics from music you both love can also a make a great text for a marriage proposal. But if you’re not a great writer, you might try finding a famous poem that expresses your feelings. “i carry your heart” by ee cummings is one of the most requested calligraphy poems. Any design or most text that you see on my site can be personalized for you, and then you can add your own marriage proposal to it. And definitely think about using a great photo of the two of you- even a selfie can work out because I can do photoshop magic to put you into the proposal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

A romantic husband to be (how could she say no??) recently had me write out a map and directions to a marriage proposal. You can find lots of original ideas about how to make your proposal a fun and special way that will always be remembered and treasured. Make it truly special for the one you love! I’d love to help you- just write to me!

And as a special treat for you romantic men out there, you can check out this wonderful groom’s guide to weddings. It has some really unique ideas about how to make your wedding day truly special!  Good luck to you- I hope you get a “YES”!