The wedding song lyrics in calligraphy along with a photo of the couple -superimposed on an ocean background image
Mother's Day gift of pregnant new wife with her husband's dear God letter in calligraphy
Love song with couple's selfie

Your Selfie or Photo Makes Your Calligraphy Poem Even Better ~

Your personal photo with calligraphy takes your poem, song, or any text from "nice" to a spectacular personal WOW gift that will always be treasured. It can be a selfie or a great photo of a place you visited. But if you don't have that perfect photo, don't despair. That's where my Photoshop Magic comes into play. I can remove a garbage bin from behind you (that actually happened with one photo- LOL), or someone photobombing you! As you can see from the examples above, I can also place your selfie on a background of your choice.

You can never believe any photo you see anymore! You can do so much with Photoshop that it can amaze you. It amazes me. It took me a LONG time to learn how to use it, and I'm still learning every time I use it!

I have sources for TONS of great photos and directions on how to pick them, which will enhance your calligraphy.

Calligraphy Services To Help You Get the Best Gift

My custom calligraphy services are about helping you figure out what will make a perfect background photo to go with your calligraphy. Some people insist that they're not creative and don't know what kind of image will go best. That's when they tell me: "I just want parchment"..... that just doesn't do it for me! But if that's really what you want, of COURSE, I will follow your preference. So I really have to come up with a good idea so you won't just do a plain background.

That's why I work so hard to encourage you to use your "mind's eye" when you read the text. We all think in images. What do you see in your head while you read that text?

reading a book and imagining images from the text

(Once I realized this, it actually made me "crazy".... I read a lot of books, and I realized that as I was reading a visual movie was passing by inside my head as I was listening or reading the book! Now it's hard for me to stop thinking about what I'm seeing, and instead, focus on the story! - Now see if that happens to you- but don't blame me!!)

What the Best Photo With Your Calligraphy? - The Solution!

So getting back to the solution: that's where my creative mind comes in- I can always seem to find something that works! I had a customer who wanted a poem to give to her 4 sisters (and have one for herself as well). She didn't have any pictures where all the sisters were together, or where they all loved how they looked in the picture. (You sure wouldn't want to give a gift where the recipient of your gift had her eyes closed, or thought she looked terrible!- (YOU DON'T LOOK FAT!! And even if you do, you are PERFECT the way you are!)

It took me a while to figure out a solution, but then it was like an Ah-HA! moment... Five things of a kind- similar but different was the answer. Like 5 kinds of flowers, 5 colors of M&M's, 5 kinds of birds!

Poem in calligraphy for her sisters

She loved the picture and actually had to point out to me that I had 5 birds sitting on branches- that I had just done naturally. I laughed when I realized she was right: Five sisters, five little birdies!

There's always a solution to come up with a great keepsake with calligraphy and photoshop design. Let's collaborate together to come up with a design you'll LOVE!