Happy Birthday Calligraphy with background for a tennis lover

Happy Birthday Cards ~

Happy Birthday cards have great sentiments. When you want to wish someone a happy birthday it can take a long time to find the right words. Luckily, all those words in a card can be a great source for a birthday poem or text to write in calligraphy!

Every year it gets to be a challenge to find the perfect birthday gift, especially if it's for the person who has everything! But having a Happy Birthday Calligraphy poem, or your own words can really make a truly unique gift for the person you care about.

Birthday Wishes for Relatives

If you have a relative and want to send your birthday message, it's always nice to write a letter to them. Tell them how they've been special in your life. 

A letter to a beloved niece on her 16th birthday from her Aunt was one of my favorite projects. How heartwarming to have your Aunt send you such a endearing and loving message! (I know how girls love "curlicues" so I added a bunch of flourishes to make it pretty).

Sending Love from Faraway Grandparents

They say you don't know true love until you are a grandparent. When grandparents live far away from their grandchildren it's important to keep in touch. It's wonderful to make "Skype" "Zoom" or "Facetime" video calls. That way your grandchild gets to know not just your voice, but your face as well. 

grandparents birthday message to their grandchild who lives far away

These loving grandparents wanted to send a birthday message to their grandchild so she knew that they were thinking of her and missed her. What a lovely way to show that with a message written in calligraphy!

letter to a favorite niece from her Aunt

Father's Birthday Wishes to His Daughter

father writes birthday letter to daughter in calligraphy with their photo together

What daughter wouldn't appreciate a letter from a parent who tells them how much she is loved?

This father took his time to write out so many of the experiences they shared. He told her how proud he is of her. 
He chose a photo of an open road to signify her future. 

Add Your Photo To Personalize 


Personalize the Happy Birthday Background

The person whose birthday you are celebrating probably has special interests and things they love. So we can collaborate to use that background, and even add a photo of them - a selfie, or a picture of you together to really personalize your Happy Birthday Calligraphy gift!

Here's an example of a selfie photo superimposed on a completely different background. It will give you inspiration for what can be done! I can even put you both on the top of Mt. Everest!

1St Anniversary marriage vows written in calligraphy with selfie of the couple in Hawaii

Ideas for the text?

If it's hard for you to express your feelings, go to the card store and check out the cards you like. Write down snippets, (or of course you can use your smart phone and just take some photos- a lot easier!).

Dr. Google also has so many sites where you can find special birthday messages for "him" for "her" or any friend or relationship you can think of! Another fun birthday message can be doing a name poem also known as an acrostic poem. 

You could even use some "inside" joke instead of something sentimental.

Long Text, Short Budget?

If your text is very long, but you don't have a large budget I have the answer for you! This is a money saving way to have calligraphy that is personalized but much less costly. I can combine hand calligraphy with a perfect computer font. It cuts the price down significantly. The calligraphy still looks custom because I do the personalization, leading letter or other text with hand calligraphy. Then it's combined with the computer font and a great background.

The picture above is an example . And your Happy Birthday Calligraphy gift can come framed on a great surface, and ready to hang, and even gift wrapped right out of the box. No extra effort needed on your part! A nice, inexpensive Happy Birthday calligraphy gift can be a short, small quote printed on a curved metal surface and perfect to place on a shelf or desk. Consider getting an inspirational quote for your special friend or person who is celebrating their birthday. 

Just contact me, and let's get started with your plan!

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