Motivational quote about your destiny written in calligraphy with picture of the author

I love this inspirational quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I think it’s good to have words around you that remind you to stay on the right path. They can motivate you up when you’re feeling down. Inspirational quotes make a great gift for graduates.

Steve Jobs quote from graduation speech written in calligraphy with red apple standing out from the rest

This quote from Steve Jobs was from a speech he gave at a University graduation. I found the PERFECT photo to go along- green apples with one red apple that stood out from the crowd – just like Steve Jobs. Isn’t this the perfect gift for a graduate in your life?

Here’s another inspirational saying is from Emerson about success- it puts things in perspective! You can personalize this quote to let the person you think that THEY are successful. Add personalization is just some of the calligraphy services and design work that I encourage. I will also help with editing to make sure that everything is spelled correctly.

A famous entrepreneur wanted this inspirational quote written for his office. I found the words that were the sub message and brought them out with color and size.

What words speak to you? Have them written out for you in hand calligraphy and remind yourself to be the best you can be!

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