Own personally written poem with wonderful background

Are you trying to find how to get your poem written in calligraphy?

Many people write wonderful poems, and typing them out just doesn't do them justice! Besides, adding a gorgeous background that expresses your poem visually just adds to the enjoyment you'll get when you have it up on the wall to see all the time!

Your Poem in Custom Calligraphy ~

Do you write your own poems? Be proud of them! Show them off! Have you ever thought of having your own poem written out in calligraphy on nice paper for framing? If you like writing poetry, don't keep it hidden! Do you have a book with your poems? Do you have a poem that you absolutely love?

Has someone written a poem about you, or for you? Instead of keeping it on computer paper, why not have it written in hand calligraphy on nice paper and framed? You can take those poems and make them into custom poem prints. And they can be printed on a choice of different amazing surfaces, ready to hang right out of the box?

Your Poem For A Gift

Do you love writing poetry and have poems that your friends, relatives or even potential customers love? Having your poem written in hand calligraphy and ready to print and send is a great business idea! Your poem written in calligraphy also makes a great birthday or other occasion gift! Just contact me with your poem and we can collaborate on a beautiful background that fits perfectly with your poem! 

he wrote this poem for her

Your Favorite Poem in Calligraphy

Have you considered having a poem you have authored written out in calligraphy? Do you have a book with your poems? Do you have a poem that you absolutely love? (the poem above is my favorite poem that I wrote out 35 years ago!)

Has someone written a poem for you? Did someone you care for write a love poem for you? You can take any of those poems and make them into custom poem prints - printed on your choice of surfaces and ready to hang, right out of the box.

If you have a favorite poem that has a lot of meaning for you, maybe you carry it around folded in your wallet? Maybe you have it typed out and scotch taped near your computer by your work station. But there's a much better way to make that favorite poem you love stand out and be noticed. It's by having it written in calligraphy and incorporating a background that reflects the meaning of the poetry.

Famous Poems in Calligraphy

"The Peace of Wild Things," by Wendell Berry is my most requested poem, followed by "Her Hands."

Famous poems become that way because they have meaning for so many people. There are those that become famous poems despite being written centuries earlier, because the words still ring true today. They can be about love, success or the things we all share: love of our children. Khalil Gibran's famous book: The Prophet still moves people today.They can be modern poems or poetry that was written centuries before. "If", by Rudyard Kipling is one of those poem about how to live a successful life. "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley last lines make this a very well known and quoted poem: "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul". "High Flight" is also known as The Airman's Prayer - the perfect gift for a pilot: "Put out my hand, and touched the face  of God".

Famous Poem High Flight written in calligraphy, "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

Famous Quotes

Steve Jobs commencement speech has become one of the most repeated statements from the creator of the Apple computer. I've written this quote many times for new graduates:  "Your time is limited so don't waste it lying someone else's life". The background of a red apple standing out from the crowd really fits with Jobs' message to graduates. Add personalization to make it a truly personal inspirational message.

Steve Jobs quote from graduation speech written in calligraphy with red apple standing out from the rest

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step" is a very popular quote that is a custom poem print. It reminds you that no matter how big a goal you have, you have to start at the beginning. The famous short quote: "Roots and Wings" has also been made into music! I've found a beautiful background that really works with this short quote.

We give our children Roots and wings in calligraphy
A journey of a thousand miles quote in calligraphy

Boyfriend's Poem

He unrolled a piece of paper. It wasn't a fancy piece of paper- just really typing paper, but he had hand written the words himself. I was absolutely swept off my feet when my then boyfriend wrote a love poem for me. It was one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. It brought tears to my eyes and I was speechless (not a very common occurrence for me!). It's going to be our 23rd anniversary next month! Do you think there could be some power in poetry?

Just ask Roxanne about the poems she received - or watch the various versions of the movie about Cyrano De Bergerac who was not handsome (has a very long nose), but wrote the most magnificent poetry. His beloved fell in love with Cyrano's poems that he gave to a handsome man who also loved her. But when she realized who she had actually loved- it was the words of Cyrano, and Cyrano himself and only realized it as he died....

I never loved but one man in my life,
And I have lost him—twice. 

What If You're Not a Poet, or You Can't Write Well

Luckily there's the internet to find a love poem! There are so many great modern writers as well as from history. There are famous poems, and not too famous ones as well. Just be careful when you do a search of finding the right poem can be overwhelming. Put in search terms: romantic poem for husband/wife; funny poem for girlfriend/boyfriend; celebrating love, etc.... Then you'll get a good selection of poems to choose from.

Using Song Lyrics as Poetry

A great option instead of using poetry are song lyrics to tell your feelings. Many couples have "their song". It may be the first dance at your wedding. I've written out many song lyrics as calligraphy gift items.

I love writing poetry in calligraphy. Having your poem written in calligraphy immortalizes it, and makes it very real. It captures a time in your life that was very special.

When combining a background that reflects the meaning in your poem, close your eyes and let your imagination show you the images that you see in your “mind’s eye”. Your imagination can be very different from mine. Although I can and will make suggestions, the best way is for YOU to have an idea and then let me help you come up with the perfect photo or background for your poem.

Calligraphy combined with multiple personal photos for keepsake

This is a recent poem that was written to celebrate the couple's First Anniversary. It's whimsical and loving at the same time. The peppering of photographs of the couple reflects their very special relationship.

His poem for her in Calligraphy

This was one of my favorite jobs. Not just because it was a poem he wrote for her, but because of the photo he sent to use. It was so much fun finding a background (in the sky) with other images to add to the picture! Do you see the hidden chess piece he writes about in the poem? 

fun use of photoshop & calligraphy poem for a birthday gift

If you'd like your poem written in calligraphy with your photographs, contact me so we can come up with the perfect rendition of your poem.