Personalized Wedding Gifts ~

Are you looking for a unique wedding gift? ~ Beautiful calligraphy services can make yours the favourite wedding gift of the new couple. How? By personalization! Include Your gift can combine the couple's photo with their wedding song, a love poem, or any other text in calligraphy. Using a background image from the theme of their wedding is another way to create a unique gift they will always treasure.

Options for Unique Wedding Gifts

Marriage gifts written in calligraphy can combine a song, marriage vows,  a theme, a photograph of the couple - anything you can think of! Click here to see some other examples of my calligraphy services. We can collaborate on a unique gift that totally fits the couple.

Selfie with Song lyrics anniversary gift superimposed on background

This couple in the photo above loved the beach and had a marriage ceremony on a beach. They also loved porpoises and asked me to add them somewhere in the piece. It's a whimsical, unique wedding gift for a unique couple.

 A meaningful poem is also a really unique wedding gift. I've written a few poems that talk about the "art of marriage" or how to have a successful marriage. Here's a site that has poems on ways to make a happy marriage. 

wedding gift of a beautiful poem with the couple's wedding photo

Using Wedding Photos

Oftentimes the bride and groom will send you a link with the pictures from the wedding. Wedding photographers now make their photographs available for purchase shortly after the wedding. That way we'd be able to combine any photo from the wedding along with the couple's name and date of their wedding. It's easy!

Lower Cost Option for Wedding Gift

Also, if you are on a budget a less expensive option is available combining handwritten calligraphy personalization along with a beautiful computer font. The piece still looks totally custom and it cuts the cost significantly.

Framing Your Unique Gift

Don't worry about having to hand the new married couple a piece of paper as a gift. There are so many options for ways to print/frame your personalized gift available. It's so easy to order online and have a finished gift delivered directly to the couple- and it's ready to hang, right out of the box! 

It's easy to order- just contact me and we'll come up with the perfect wedding gift! 

Wedding gift of poem written in hand calligraphy superimposed on couple's wedding photo
candid photo of the first dance at their wedding with song lyrics in calligraphy

The couple's favorite song for their first dance as husband & wife