Robert Frost poem with hand calligraphy & computer font less expensive option
Father's wedding speech in combination of computer font & personalized calligraphy. The gorgeous couple's photo is right in the middle.
First first anniversary custom calligraphy and computer font

Why Is Calligraphy Expensive? ~

Yes, most people know how to write with a pen, so why is calligraphy expensive?  Many people say their handwriting is terrible (unless you went to Catholic school where the Nuns taught handwriting!). But calligraphy is not "handwriting". There are rules and skills which take years to learn. Even a master penman (I don't like using sexist terms, but there is not other one to use at this time) has to take time to design a layout, draw lines for lettering, plan and write out text.

Some people think that it takes the same amount of time to write calligraphy like you would write a sentence in a notebook. That may lead someone to think that they're paying a lot of money for something that takes me no time at all.

"I just want nice writing on a cream colored piece of paper", they say. 
example of Lianda's bad handwriting

this is my "nice" handwriting! LOL

Real Calligraphy is NOT Handwriting

When I hear that I realize that people think that I have nice handwriting, I laugh. I don't. And I realize that they want a lower cost alternative instead of paying for a more expensive piece of actual calligraphy art. And the good thing is I do have a lower cost alternative to writing out your text totally in handwritten calligraphy. 

It's taken me many years of study, learning and practice to get to a point where I can write something that I call "calligraphy". (some people mis-spell it as "caligraphy'. It has 2 "L's").  And I want you to understand why it does take time to both learn and write out your text in calligraphy which you can learn all about by reading here. 

Photoshop Makes A Less Expensive Option Available

One of the ways that I'm able to have options for you to save money on the cost of calligraphy is because I have learned how to use Photoshop. It has literally taken me years to learn this program and I'd still say I have a lot more to learn! But using Photoshop has given me the ability to combine your photographs or selfies, or images that you love with calligraphy.The hand calligraphy I write is then superimposed on whatever background images you like, and printed with a giclee printer. AND, it also gives me the opportunity for another less expensive option! 

An Even Lower Cost Option to Save on Cost of Calligraphy

Many people have very long texts and not big budgets.  Are you looking for a less expensive alternative to hand calligraphy that still looks great? I don't want to turn them away, but it still takes me a long time to create a beautiful custom piece of calligraphy for you. That's why I've come up with a great alternative that has some hand calligraphy for headings, personalization and other parts, but has the longest parts of the text in a beautiful computer font. And I can still include your own photograph. It's a great option, and people love it!

These pieces can be printed like my other entirely hand-calligraphed calligraphy pieces on a variety of surfaces. It gives them a totally custom look- especially when the titles are made to stand out with flourishing. 

Write to me and let's get a great design from a real professional calligrapher with design skills that will make YOUR calligraphy a favorite gift for someone you care about or for yourself. It still does take time, but it will cost a lot less than having your entire text written out in hand calligraphy!


Song lyrics from favorite music in calligraphy and computer font with graphic microphone
1st Anniversary marriage vows written in calligraphy combined with computer calligraphywith selfie of the couple in Hawaii
Best man's speech in calligraphy and computer font to save cost
couple's photo with hand calligraphy combined with computer text saves time and lowers the cost for first anniversary gift
Musical quotes with calligraphy & computer font saves time and cost