Quaker Wedding Certificates

Decorated marriage certificates (and English only, Ketubah for Jewish weddings) are typically signed by the witnesses at the wedding. Of course the bride and groom, parents and the officiant also sign the document as well.

Quaker wedding style certificates are a beautiful keepsake from your marriage that is a perfect combination of calligraphy and design. Framing and placing the signed certificate over the marital bed seems the perfect combination.

I have a few templates with different choices of designs available for a lower cost marriage certificate. If you contact me we can discuss your preferences and I’ll be able to send you samples.

If you are having a large wedding, it can be difficult to have enough room for all your guests to sign. In one case I had to add extra “sides” where more guests were able to sign the certificate.

Be Careful To Protect the Document for Signing

Here’s an important note: make sure you have someone help guests sign your certificate so it will be balanced if all the lines are not used. You don’t want people to sign one after another, and have blank spaces on the opposite side of the marriage certificate.

Also, make sure you provide a paper towel or hand rest so the oil from your guest’s hands don’t spoil the certificate. Also, a good practice is to make sure that guests are not carrying food or drinks near the certificate – have a place away from the certificate for them to put down anything that might damage the document!

Have a Happy Wedding!

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