bad handwriting - penmanship can be learned

Do you have Messy Handwriting?

Is your handwriting messy? ~ Your handwriting, also known as “penmanship”, says so much about you. It’s almost like your body language is written down to be viewed! Everyone’s handwriting is unique- just like them! And there’s even a science to interpret what your handwriting means about your personality. It’s called “graphology“.

Your handwriting is not just about the words you are writing, but gives hints into your personality! Are your letters small and compressed? That may say something about your feelings of self-confidence? Is your handwriting sloppy or messy? It can be that your hand-eye coordination is challenged, or that you are in a rush. If that’s how you write all the time, perhaps you are a sloppy person. If your handwriting is messy perhaps it means that you rush through other activities in your life as well!

On the other hand, so many people admire beautiful penmanship. Even though it’s not a historical, handwriting it can still be called “calligraphy”. That’s because the definition of calligraphy is the “art of beautiful writing”. Most people can learn to improve their handwriting and develop good penmanship. But learning calligraphy takes more skill and developing an artistic eye for letterforms.

I know from my friends who attended Catholic School that penmanship was emphasized. You can tell who went to a school where their legible and beautiful handwriting was important!

Do you have trouble with reading cursive writing?

Slow Down and Enjoy Writing

One of the ways to improve your handwriting is to slow down. Get a pad of smooth paper and a fountain pen. Take a few relaxing breaths and think about what you want to write. Perhaps it will motivate you to start writing your own poem or a journal! It can be a stress-relieving activity that you really enjoy.

Learning Calligraphy

I have taught children how to form letters in the style of italic calligraphy. Learning calligraphy takes practice and a good teacher who can encourage children and not embarrass them with mistakes! Even regular handwriting can be beautiful and legible if it is taught that way to children in school. You must not rush when writing with a calligraphy pen!

Education is Lacking in the US

Unfortunately, we are cutting out teaching so many important skills and the arts in the schools. Parents should encourage their schools to teach children art and good handwriting. I have had commissions to re-write job applications for people who were embarrassed at their own penmanship! In truth, we do perhaps, unconsciously judge people by their writing. So, take your time when writing, and encourage your children to write beautifully.

There are so many people who write books, and there are some who are better at the craft than others. I don’t like to say anything disparaging, but there are a couple of writers who I would go to last:

Margaret Shepherd, and Ken Brown are a couple of sub-standard people who teach lettering. If you would like an opinion before purchasing a book, you can write to me with the name, and link, and I can take a look at it to see whether I would recommend it.  Unfortunately, it’s buyer beware as in all things.

Good Book for Learning Calligraphy

This book was edited by my good friend, Joanne Fink who is one of the top calligraphers in the U.S. It’s not expensive and gives you some wonderful help in learning calligraphy. I recommend that you purchase this book if you want to learn calligraphy or even to learn what makes beautiful handwriting and lettering.

Eleanor Winters is a great teacher. I have taken a course with her when I lived in New York. This is a fun book that teaches children how to do calligraphy and even has fun activities for them. And YOU may learn it as well!