John Legend - All-of-me-Legend-lyrics in calligraphy on beautiful background of moon reflecting on the ocean

John Legend's Romantic Songs ~

Legend's song lyrics are a favorite request for the perfect romantic gift. If you can't write about your feelings for your loved one, pick one of his wonderful songs! 

John Legend lyrics in calligraphy for first anniversary gift
John Legend- All of me song lyrics in calligraphy with wedding dance photo

Personalize Music Lyrics

There are so many wonderful love songs. You and your sweetie may have your "own song". Maybe the long song lyrics are from your first dance at your wedding?

Or maybe a song you choose is one that just speaks to you both. When you hear the music it just takes you back to that time and place that's so special. That's the power of music.  

All you have to do is ask google for the kind of lyrics you're looking for: for him, for her.... gay, straight.... 

candid photo of the first dance at their wedding with song lyrics in calligraphy

This song choice totally cracked me up- It's sure not a love song, but says loads about the sense of humor of the bride and groom. If you look close you'll see it's a combination of personalized handwritten calligraphy with a computer font. The song was very long, and this cut down on the price. I also lightened the background of their guests to make them stand out. They LOVED it! 

first dance song lyrics
Wedding photo of couple with their first dance song lyrics in calligraphy

Adding Your Photo to Musical Lyrics

OK, there are somethings that I cannot do with calligraphy - although in the future I bet someone will create a frame that plays music or a recording. Boy, that's a good idea! Someone, run with it- and please give me credit- LOL

The top photo is a gorgeous scene that reminded the husband of a place of a special date with his then girlfriend. But you can also add your own selfies or other personal photo to make the calligraphy lyrics even more special. 

Sure, John Legend's song lyrics are beautiful and romantic. And there are so many other songs that just bring that lovin' feeling when you read them and hear the music in your head. 

Wedding song lyrics in calligraphy superimposed on a wedding photo
Music Lyrics in calligraphy on sheet music background
First dance of couple anniversary gift in calligraphy
song lyrics in calligraphy on sheet music background, personalized

How to Order Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Why don't you treat your sweetie to "your" favorite long song lyrics? It makes a great HOLIDAY gift, Valentine's Day romantic gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift- or just a regular day way to show your love! Just contact me and we'll get started right away!

What If song lyrics written in calligraphy