fountain pen for writing letters that become keepsakes

Writing With A Fountain Pen ~

Do you even know what a fountain pen is? Sending messages to people is now a matter of the fastest method possible using your phone to text, or computer to email. How many people are are writing with an instrument such as a pen or pencil anymore? How many people actually send a letter on paper to another person? That's why I have work to do as a calligrapher. It's because writing a message on paper is meaningful and lasting. You can hold a love poem or letter in your hand and save it! It becomes a valued keepsake. 

Slow Down and Write

Slowing down the process of writing your thoughts on paper can improve your communication skills. Your brain may not be processing the words that you write as effectively when you are going at break-neck speed! Have you ever noticed how much better you can understand what people are saying when they are slowing down their speech? Slowing down gives you time to clarify your message.

Messy Handwriting

Your messy handwriting can give people a message about your personality that you may not even realize! One way to improve your penmanship is to slow down and pick up a writing instrument (yes, just like a musical instrument) that you will enjoy using. Although fountain pens rarely come with a square cut nib, you can purchase nibs with a variety of tips to use specifically for calligraphy projects. But a regular fountain pen is a delight to use because of the constant flow of ink. That rarely happens with a ball point pen. 

Fountain Pens in History

We’ve all seen historical images of people using pens. In times before pens feathers were cut to dip in ink. Those are called "quills".  But they took a lot of time to cut properly and wore out from use. Worst of all is that you had to keep dipping it into the inkwell when the ink ran out and you could no longer complete a letter! What a pain and a mess! Fountain pens improved that problem!

Plastic Pens are Not Environmentally Sustainable

Ball point pens came into favor in the 1950's. They were cheap and easy to use and then trash. That's was part of our "disposable philosophy" that has damaged our environment! Use it, then throw it away. But when you think about it- there is no "away" and plastic never biodegrades and just fills our landfills and oceans. 

Fountain pens are coming back into favor because they are now much easier to use. And you can help save the environment- even a little by using a pen that isn't a throw-away item. 

Now fountain pens have ink cartridges that keep the ink flowing. Although in the past there were also fountain pens that had a little lever that enabled you to put the pen tip into ink and suck the ink into a reservoir type of bladder. That's even more sustainable because you don't have disposable plastic cartridges. But fountain pens do save throwing away an entire pen when it's empty.

Present Day Fountain Pens

Present-day versions of the fountain pen are kind of a fun, interesting way to do your writing. You might have to get used to using it in the beginning. People have forgotten or never learned how to properly hold a pen! it’s a good idea to experiment until you find an angle where the pen feels smooth against the paper. If you feel the nib scratch against the paper, there’s a good chance you’re holding the pen crooked.

Stand Out with a Fountain Pen

The ink flows out easily and is very deep and dark. You can also choose from many different styles of pens- thicker or thinner for your hand according to your preference. You can also choose how thick the writing will be from the nib you pick. These pens are very stylish, and they feel "luxurious" in your hand. They set you apart from someone pulling a "bic" pen out to sign a document! It tells people you stand out from the crowd. 

Fountain pens may feel a little different from the commonplace versions that we are all used to using. The best way to master using a fountain pen is to practice. What else do you need to know about a fountain pen? This graphic below explains more.

PS- A fountain pen can make a unique gift for a new graduate! It's also a great retirement gift!

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How to use a fountain pen

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