Marriage Proposal in Calligraphy ~Calligraphy Marriage proposal with photo of couple and happy memories - and the ask to marry

Calligraphy really makes your words so beautiful and romantic. So what could be more romantic then having your happy memories with your girlfriend commemorated in calligraphy, and then ask for her to marry you?

Successful Marriage Proposal

I’ve been asked to write out marriage proposals at least ten times. It’s one of my favorite requests for calligraphy. I can report to you that every proposal has met with a resounding “YES!!”.  (for the sake pdf privacy, I have removed last names on the examples).

Perfecting The Marriage Proposal with Photography

I just loved this photo of the couple, but the original background was too busy. So I used photoshop magic and removed the couple from the background and superimposed them on this lovely photo of a beach.

I had a choice of personal photographs of the couple to choose from. Lots of times people have photographs with a background that is awful. The worst one I had was a woman standing next to her overflowing garbage can in her kitchen. I had to laugh when I saw that! Luckily, photoshop magic enabled me to remove the garbage can!

Sometimes there’s no space to write out the calligraphy whether it’s a marriage proposal or a poem. Then I have to extend the background to make room for the poem. All that takes a lot of time. So make sure when you want to use a photograph you are aware of the background. Read more about how to take a great picture. 

Your marriage proposal becomes a treasured keepsake. When framed, a perfect place to put it is over your bed. It will remind you every night of those happy memories!

Married Already?

Even if you’re married already, I can always write out your original marriage proposal. I can add your wedding photo, names and date of the wedding. It’s never too late! Calligraphy always makes a romantic gift for any occasion- especially for a marriage proposal!

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