Child's award winning poem written in calligraphy with child like decoration

Encouraging Your Children's Writing ~

You want to encourage your children to be creative and to continue writing. The way to do that is to show them that you are proud of them and admire their work enough to have it printed and framed!

The child who wrote this poem actually won a national award for her creative writing. 

Honoring Your Child's Poem and Artwork

A child's poem in calligraphy shows how you love them and honor their writing

This adorable poem was written by a child about his aspirations to become a baseball catcher. His clever father thought writing it in calligraphy would be a wonderful way to honor both his child's writing and his dreams for the future. I encouraged him to add a picture, and found a great graphic to go along with the poem. Viola - a wonderful childhood memory that will always remain for all to see.

Encouraging Creativity in Children

I was so impressed with the writing of this young man. He loved baseball and wrote about his feelings being on the mound. It's actually a really good poem! 

I was so happy that his mother had a really good photo of him getting ready to pitch. His expression shows how serious he was about his sport. 

I had to really pull out my Photoshop Magic skills to make sure that the background was not going to obscure his writing. 

He was so excited to see the final framed piece which he immediately took to school to show his teammates. I was so happy to be part of inspiring him to write more! 

Child's poem about pitching in calligraphy superimposed on his photo on the mound

Show your child that you appreciate their work by having it written in calligraphy and framed for them. Then watch how it inspires them!

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