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Gifts for People Who Practice Yoga ~

If you have a friend who loves the practice of yoga, calligraphy is a wonderful choice. Yoga is so popular in the US now. Besides being a physical practice there's a mental aspect to yoga as well. Do you practice yoga? There are so many yoga quotes available online that help you learn more about the different aspects of yoga. It's not just a practice for your body- it helps your mind as well. And no, yoga is not a religion of have a focus on the belief in God. 

Lianda practicing yoga
Buddha sculpture with quote

You probably didn’t realize that besides my custom calligraphy services, I’m also a yoga teacher. It's a great practice that helps you build strength, flexibility and balance, and it also helps you manage your emotions. That’s why there are many wonderful quotes about yoga. It's is not a religion, but the quotes are very spiritual.

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” ~ Rodney Yee

Because of the popularity there are also wonderful photographs of people practicing yoga. Beautiful, calm, meditative photographs in beautiful scenery can add so much to a quote about the importance of the practice.

For Yogis

Do you have a dear friend who loves yoga? Why not consider an inspirational quotes about a person's passions and hobbies? They will always be appreciated!

From the exercise you tire out your muscles and can finally have a clear headed relaxation. Some people leave before the final rest- and meditation. When you stay for the final relaxation is when you're getting all the benefits of the physical activity of yoga. It's the dessert! Maybe you've left early because you don't understand how important that portion of a yoga practice is - or their teacher has done a disservice by not explaining it properly.

I recently donated a quote from the famous teacher BKS Iyengar-

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, and endured what cannot be cured"

Inspirational quotes are truly words you want to live by. That's what inspired me to look for wonderful quotes that people who practice yoga and meditation would love to keep nearby them. 

Gorgeous background with Rumi poem in calligraphy

Noticing beauty can help you to cultivate a mindful focus. Put together a beautiful image with an inspiring saying is a perfect combination. Do you have a favorite photo, or an inspirational saying that would go well together? 

When you notice beauty, the mind goes to feeling gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is an antidote to stress! Follow the logic and you realize that living around beautiful things or places, and being mindful of them in the moment will improve your health! So find your perfect motivational or inspirational quote, check out some of my choices for beautiful backgrounds, and let's improve your health by ordering your own perfect beautiful calligraphy quote with words to live by!

PS: (although this is written tongue in cheek- kidding a little, it's also factual!)

Where to Find the Perfect Yoga Quote

Yoga quotes can be found all over the internet. And there are so many beautiful and relaxing photographs that can be incorporated with the quote you choose. If you practice yoga, you may have a favorite quote – or the symbol for OM which can make a beautiful piece of art to remind you of the calm you feeling from your practice.