Valentine's Day Gift of Love ~

Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Hey Guys: She's probably on a diet so forget chocolate, and flowers die fast. A personalized Valentines' Day gift of your words of love written in calligraphy with a selfie is something that will be sure to move her to tears of joy. And Ladies, what man doesn't want to know that he's loved? Calligraphy is the perfect  unforgettable gift! (customers have written back and told me just that). It's the perfect gift for your valentine whether it be him or her! 

The most Romantic Gift

Love poem for valentine's day gift superimposed on a heart puzzle

Valentines Day is the perfect time to express your feelings with a romantic love poem for a gift. If you can write your own love poem, that is really wonderful. But if you're not a writer, you can choose a famous love poem from ee cummings, Rumi or Gibran for example. There are also so many choices for romantic love poems that you can find online.

I recently wrote a calligraphy poem by a modern poet with a beautiful heart puzzle background that will be printed on a piece of wood. The poem talks about how she is a piece of his heart. I was lucky to find the perfect image of a heart made of puzzle pieces that fit the poem perfectly.

If you don't have a good photo of you with your valentine, we can always find a beautiful background image to go with your words.

Famous Love Poems For Valentines Day

So many people love the romantic famous love poem from ee cummings, "i carry your heart". It's available as a print that can also be personalized. It's one of the most popular requests. All prints can also be personalized with your names, and I can even insert a small selfie photo of you at the bottom of the piece. 

i carry your heart, ee cummings famous love poem

Another famous text is Corinthians, from the Bible. It is frequently used in weddings as a reading.

Corinthians in gothicized italic calligraphy love poem
corinthians 13-1 from the Bible, a love poem for a Valentine's Day gift or any occasion
Corinthians Bible reading in calligraphy superimposed on red roses

Valentine's Day Love Song Lyrics

Love songs are the perfect way to express your love on Valentine's Day.  Is there a song that is "Your song"? It's the song that makes you think of your wonderful relationship.  Maybe it was the song you chose for your first dance as husband and wife at your wedding? Maybe the song lyrics have a special message that has meaning to both of you about your relationship. Was the song playing when you met? Does that love song come on the radio and make you think about your special love. Well, THAT is the perfect Valentine's Day gift! 

John Legend song lyrics are some of my most requested love songs. "All of Me" by John Legend is most requested love song lyrics. And I've written the lyrics many different ways.  But there are many other love song lyrics that can be perfect- saying the words you may have trouble expressing yourself.

Valentine's Day gift: Beatles Love Song Lyrics, In My Life
Valentine's Day gift: Love Song Lyrics- For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder written in calligraphy with couple's photo
Valentine's Day song lyrics in calligraphy of first dance. First year anniversary unique gift

Gay Valentine's Day Gifts

Love is Love- and it doesn't matter if it's same sex or straight. Beautiful Calligraphy is the place for everyone to be able to freely express their love to whoever! I'm proud to offer my services in the name of love!

gay Valentines Day gift of love song
Lesbian-Love for Valentines Day Gift

Gift of Love for Parent, Child or Friend

Love poem for father
grandparents send their love

Valentine's Day Gift of Marriage Vows

Another wonderful choice for a romantic Valentine's Day gift can be your marriage vows. Even though it's not your anniversary, this is a perfect opportunity to show your love with your marriage vows from that special day. Check out this page to see lots of examples to inspire you- 

Using Your Selfie Photo

Instead of keeping your selfies in your phone, I'm sure you have some really fun photographs you've taken. Here's your opportunity to use one or many as a unique Valentine's Day gift.  You can combine your photo with "your special song"!  It's really nice to have those photos around to see- they can be framed, or even printed on a great surface that can be on a small stand on his or her desk- to remind the person you love about all the great times you've had together! That's a really thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift! 

Just click to contact me and let's get started~

First anniversary love letter with selfie of the couple superimposed on photo background from Hawaii
metal stand built into your metal print of calligraphy
Love song with couple's selfie

Sure, chocolate and flowers are nice gifts, but if you want a really ROMANTIC and unique Valentine's Day gift, say it with words! There are lots of unique gift options at Beautiful Calligraphy.

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