Special Gift For Tenth Anniversary ~

This husband wanted a special anniversary gift for his wife of ten years. Anniversaries that end in zero are big events. This 10th Year Anniversary gift is a love letter written in calligraphy.

The photo of this couple dancing together had a distracting background. There are ways to make sure you're taking the best photo possible with these tips. But sometimes there is no way to get a spontaneous picture that is perfect.

With the magic of photoshop, I was able to remove the distractions and focus on the couple. Then I placed on a black background and put stars all around them. I could actually have placed them on ANY background! PLEASE, don't pick parchment when there are so many other more exciting backgrounds to choose from! 

Isn't this background more exciting? You just have to open your mind to new possibilities. As it's said:

"Life Begins When You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone"

If you don't know what to get for someone you love- write a love letter and have it written in calligraphy. If you're not a good writer use song lyrics from music you both love. Or to to an online site for wonderful poems or quotes about love. 

Or let's write your wedding vows in calligraphy.  It will be a constant reminder of your feelings- and I bet it will become your loved one's favorite gift ever!  Click here to get started on yours!