husband's vows in calligraphy for first anniversary gift with white rose background

Your Personalized Vows in Calligraphy ~

Personalized Marriage vows are not necessarily the traditional “Do you have this man/woman to ….?”  It’s wonderful that now, you can choose to write your own marriage vows that express your hope of what your marriage will be. As individual as each couple’s relationship is, vows can reflect their unique personalities. Some couples choose to be serious (make sure to bring tissues to wipe your eyes); or funny (make sure you bring tissues to wipe your eyes)- that’s not a mistake! Like great TV situation comedies, often times marriage vows combine both sentimental with a touch of humor added. If you’re stumped about what to write, get inspiration from other couple’s wedding vows on Youtube and online. There are many good examples for you to borrow, edit and then craft your own personalized vows.

couple chose old and new photos to renew their vows in calligraphy

Renew Your Marriage Vows

Writing out your marriage vows in calligraphy is a very romantic anniversary gift. If you’re past your first year, which is traditionally the paper anniversary, it’s still nice idea to have those vows written out in calligraphy with your wedding photo. I’ve also enjoyed creating a calligraphy piece for renewal of marriage vows ten, twenty or even further down the line. We combined their wedding photo from back then, and their present day pictures from now. It’s a testament to strong love to go through that journey of time from youth to old age. It’s worthy of a memorable piece of art to celebrate a marriage of souls.

Calligraphy Art Piece Framed and Ready to Hang


There are many beautiful alternatives to traditional framing that come ready to hang right out of the box. The latest are printing on GLASS! and gorgeous acrylic prints! They are guaranteed to please!  Contact me to get started on your special gift of customized calligraphy.