Mothers Day is a big holiday for card stores. And people waste a ton of money on Mother’s Day cards, and flowers that die in a couple of days. But your mom loves the cards, and maybe she saves them in a box. But what if you could send her a permanent card- that she’d see every day?

If you can write your own, that’s perfect. But if you’re not good with words, find a card that says what you feel- and I can write it in calligraphy for you- and include your pictures with your mom.

I have great ways to print and display them, so you won’t need a frame. And it will last a lot longer than flowers and chocolates. Saying I Love You never goes out of style!

Imagine your Mother’s Day verse on one of the thin wraps that sit on an easel stand. Small enough to go on a desk, or night table. Your mom will constantly be reminded of your thoughtfulness and love. That’s the best gift there is!

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