monogram or logo design in calligraphy

Logos and Monograms ~

There is no substitute for hand written calligraphy letters that can be joined to form a unique monogram. Sure, you can play around with type fonts that look like calligraphy, and if you’re pretty skilled, you can stretch or skew them with photoshop. But a lettering artist designing a monogram has a different view of how letters can be drawn in a pleasing arrangement.

This particular design was one that a very discerning client had in mind. He had given me a few similar designs and asked me to follow that type of look. It's very unique, don't you think?

Challenge of Designing

I really enjoy the challenge of combining letters. Of course, a monogram can be one letter, two or three. Of course, there are countless ways to combine the calligraphy letters. There are also many calligraphy “hands”, which are known as “fonts” to people who use computers.

I am following the direction of my client in the choice of lettering styles. Now that I have learned how to use photoshop, I can also scan these letters that I like and move them around to check out various combinations.

The great thing about technology is now I can scan in your monogram, and it can be used to make lots of different printed items. It could make a nice gift for a newly married couple sharing their initials! They could have it copied for embroidering their towels and sheets as well.

Wouldn’t you love your beautiful calligraphy monogram on your coffee cup? I bet it will make your coffee or tea taste better!

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