Having a memorial or bereavement quote written in calligraphy is a nice way to remember someone by having a quote they made up. For many families, they especially appreciate when their loved one is remembered by something profound or FUNNY that they said!

When I got this request for calligraphy services, I asked if it was about a particular sport?

The customer explained, “no, – this was Louis’ method of getting food at a buffet”!! I had a really good laugh!

Her husband asked for it to be in “Old English” – but it’s really Old German- Blackletter, and on “parchment”. Want to learn about what parchment really is?

It made me think about the things my father and mother used to say.. My mom, who passed in 2009, used to tell us not to cry when remembering her: remember and laugh. And thankfully, I have LOTS of funny memories of my mom! I hope you have lots of good memories- and some that YOU might want to commemorate to memorialize someone you loved!

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