Calligraphy for a soul mate who was leaving on a jet plane! written in calligraphy

Do You Have A Soul Mate? ~

Very few people are lucky enough to be in a relationship with their true soul mate. 

I love when the request for my calligraphy services is a love letter. The letter is definitely written from his heart to a woman who he intends to marry. 

In the poem below: "To The Love of My Life", this husband wrote a poem to his soul-mate wife. (read it, it's so sweet!). The poem was not short and he wanted to keep the price down. I did the personalization in flourished italic and the text of the poem combined with a computer font. It still has a custom calligraphy look. That kept the price to a comfortable level for him. I did have to add space to the original photograph to have space for the poem and personalization. Photoshop Magic to the rescue.

couple's photo with hand calligraphy combined with computer text saves time and lowers the cost for first anniversary gift

My calligraphy services include design with photoshop and editing (spelling and grammar corrections) as well. 

Treasured Keepsake

This is a gift that becomes a keepsake she will always treasure! If you want to make your soul-mate happy, either write your own poem, or find one of the famous love poems and let me incorporate your photo with the poem. Don't wait for a holiday- make ANY day a special occasion with the gift of love with Beautiful Calligraphy! 

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