November 13, 2018

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Invictus, Famous Poem honoring soldiers written in calligraphy on mountaintop background
Invictus, Famous Poem honoring soldiers written in calligraphy personalized with photo on parchment background

Invictus - I am the Captain of My Soul

 The famous poem, "Invictus", by Willian Ernest Henley is one of the poems my parents read to me as a child. It is a well-known and moving poem. But I was never good at being able to memorize and recite poetry, and that's why I like to have them where I can read them. Invictus has the two famous lines that are so memorable:


"I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul"


Poem Honoring Our Soldiers

 "Invictus" is Latin for "invincible." Just reading these two lines from Invictus can give me the chills. What does it bring to mind? It is the best of what we expect of our soldiers. "My head is bloody, but unbowed".... wow. Can you just imagine what these brave souls have gone through? I guess we don't even have to imagine because war movies are so graphic with violence that is hard for me to watch. The news stories and reporters tell of the horrors of war. But rarely do the returning soldiers want to recount the battles.

Gold Star Family

It breaks my heart to tell you this story. A buddy of a fallen soldier wrote to me. A year after his death, this dear man wanted to do something to support his fallen friend's wife for her strength. It was a tough year raising her little daughters by herself without her beloved husband. 

This quote entitled "Spartan Wife" explains that it's the strength of the wives that keeps our country going after the men go to war. Read it... but it will make you sad.

Calligraphy quote: Spartan Wife- soldier's memorial

Veterans Day -  Honoring Soldiers

 Veterans Day precedes the winter holidays. I thought that this would be a wonderful gift for a soldier.  Invictus tells the story of war. It is  inspirational and makes you realize what we ask of our soldiers, and how brave and selfless they are. They put themselves in harms way to protect those they love.

My dad served in WW2. He was in the Navy, on a PT Boat - like President John F. Kennedy. But when I asked him about the war, he wouldn't go into details. He would only tell me about how the waves were huge and he never got sea-sick. Although he had dark curly hair under the constant sun his hair turned light blond. In fact, his nick-name was "Whitey" (please, don't think this is a racist comment, it is NOT!). He told me about how the dolphins would race his boat, and how they would protect soldiers who went overboard from sharks by swimming fast and using their beaks to do into the sides of the sharks- and then swim away. 

I finally found out from my brother that my father serviced at the Battle of Dunkirk. My father never would tell me, but he did speak to my brother about it. Dad was also in the Pacific Theatre. I cannot fathom how frightening that must have been. 

My Mother was in the Army in WW2

Not to dishonor my mom, SHE also served during WW2 as a WAC (The Women's Army Corps (WAC) was the women's branch of the United States Army. I'm very proud of my parents, although they are both long gone. 😢  She's in the far left with that curly black hair and the beautiful smile.

Adele Ludwig, my mom served in WW2 as a WAC

Returning Soldiers - Wounded Warriors

Invictus is wonderful poem for many people who have gone through hardships and come out on the other side stronger. Perhaps it could even inspire those who have recovered, our Wounded Warriors.

They say the things that don't kill you make you stronger. This poem is just what that's about. It's a great gift for returning soldiers, or anyone who has faced terrible hardships. It can show your soldier how proud you are of them. Write to me to personalize Invictus with their photograph and details of their service. 

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