famous Poem by George Eliot about love of a friendabout friendship by George Eliot written in calligraphy

A Gift for a Special Friend ~

Telling your special friend how much they mean to you is a special gift that will go right to their heart. It deepens the relationship we have with them. Having special friends is not just about "fun" and sharing adventures. It can actually extend your life and make you healthier. It's true! 

Do you have a best friend? Does she or he know how much your relationship means to you? It's time to say those words. Love is not just about romantic love. There's actually many different types of love- all that can improve your life! 

This book, "Love and Survival" by Dean Ornish tells you why and how friendship is our best medicine. It was not just a medical book, but a recipe to improve your life! 

Calligraphy gift ideas for Friends

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude to a friend with a calligraphy poem is a perfect gift that will last a lifetime. There are many wonderful poems that you can find that express the importance of friendship. This text was written by one friend for another.

A particularly beautiful poem was written by George Eliot ( a woman writer who had to use a man’s pseudonym in order to get published). Here it is:

“A friend is one to whom one may pour out the contents of one’s heart, 

chaff and grain together, 

knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it,

keep what is worth keeping, 

and with a breath of kindness, 

blow the rest away.”

This piece is going to be printed on a hard backing and will be displayed on a small easel on the friend’s desk. Custom calligraphy is the perfect, unique gift.

What a perfect way to say thank you!

"To Succeed" by Emerson- words to live by that inspire written in calligraphy

Showing Appreciation to a Friend

The famous poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, about "success" can show your friend how much you value how they have contributed to your life. It's not about being rich or famous, but what it's like to be a successful human. It shows them how you view their life and their friendship. It's available as a print with a custom background- or the one that you see in the example. 

I liked the decoration of dandelions blowing in the wind to reflect how kindness travels far and wide. It's a good kind of contagious- don't you think?