husband wrote love poem to his wife- in flourished calligraphy

Flowing Calligraphy Style ~

Italic style, the style of calligraphy I prefer to work with, can be highly flourished or tailored. When you think about having a poem or text written in calligraphy many people think of flourished calligraphy, with swirls and curlicues written on cream color or parchment paper.

But when you have a long text with lots of lines having a lot of flourishes can make it hard to read.

comparison of tailored and flourished calligraphy lettering

Beautiful Calligraphy can be tailored

Short poems and texts with many lines need to be legible. When you have flourishing in between the lines of text it makes it hard to read. However, I can put in flourishing on the top and bottom lines- and use it to fill space on the sides of the text, and in between paragraphs as I did in this poem: "High Flight". The famous line: "Put out my hand and touched the face of God" is so moving!

A mother ordered this moving poem for her son who is a Navy pilot. It was written by John Gillespie Magee, an World War II, Air Force pilot and poet killed in an accidental mid-air collision.
Air Man's Prayer, High Flight partially flourished calligraphy

You can see this text has flourished calligraphy, but it doesn't distract you from being able to read the message in the text. 

Background for Calligraphy

When you choose to have flourished calligraphy it's best to find a background that isn't too busy. Sky, sunsets, water and watercolors can all make great choices for a background. The background you choose for the text can make the calligraphy poem fit two choices: an amazing background that you would love anyway, and the message that's written in calligraphy. I strongly encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone and at least look at choices and consider something other than parchment. 

Your Taste vs. Your Gift Recipient's Preferences

You may love a particular style of calligraphy. But if you are gifting someone with a gift of calligraphy, please remember to consider THEIR preferences! You can get an idea of what they prefer by considering the way they have their home decorated, the colors  and the style of clothes they wear. That always gives you a good hint about their style and preferences.

Remember to consider where you or your gift recipient will be putting the finished calligraphy art. That's the first step for deciding what size to order

ordering custom calligraphy online is easy

Ordering Calligraphy Online

Yes, there are lots of things to consider when you are going to order calligraphy services.  But I'm here to walk you through ordering online to make it easy for you. In fact, many people comment that looking through background images was a fun activity for them!

Here's what you need to consider:

  • Your budget
  • Your text
  • Personalization - do you want to add "to", "from", etc.
  • Background Image
  • Style of writing
  • Size of finished calligraphy
  • Print/Framing 

Personalized Help Available

Don't worry if this seems overwhelming. My calligraphy services are designed to make ordering a fun project.  I'm always here to help you. First, you'll notice that I answer you right away! And, if you need a phone call, just write to me and we'll schedule a call. We'll collaborate to make the PERFECT calligraphy piece for you or for your gift recipient. 

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